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    What if someone doesn't turn up?

    This from the HSC Rules and Procedures: "If you are absent from an entire examination and lodge an illness/misadventure application that is declined by the BOSTES, you will not receive a result in that course and that course will not appear on your BOSTES record. This could mean that you become...
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    What if someone doesn't turn up?
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    What if someone doesn't turn up?

    Yep, that's correct. You must sit for, and make a serious attempt, at the relevant examination.
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    What if someone doesn't turn up?

    No, unless you are sick (and receive an estimate) the course is cancelled and removed from your HSC.
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    What if someone doesn't turn up?

    No. Anyone absent from an exam, either because they are sick or cbf, is removed from assessment moderation
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    Not showing up to an exam?

    Yes, all absentees are removed from moderation, so there is no impact on the balance of your school course group. A mark of zero is never reported on HSC results. For a 1-unit course like SoR1, only marks of 15 and above are reported. For lower marks, they are reported as <15/50 (or <30/100 for...
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    Not showing up to an exam?

    Your initial results will show ABSENT (as a check that you really were). On your actual HSC the course will disappear.
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    Illness / Misadventure Form?

    You can only obtain a copy from your school or the examination supervisor.
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    Will I get zero? Not my fault

    Perhaps approached directly by the student but never by bostes.
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    Will I get zero? Not my fault

    Above is correct except principals are not contacted. Such matters are confidential between bos and student.
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    No Centre Number

    Schools and exam centres are not the same. An exam centre may include the home school, other local schools not large enough to conduct their own exams, and students studying by distance education who live nearby. Also, schools cannot be ranked by ATAR as it is only known to individual students...
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    Humour in answers?

    Agreed. "Supervisors of marking will bring to the attention of the BOSTES examination answers that contain frivolous or objectionable material."
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    No Centre Number

    It"s for backup in case you screw up your student number. Means they can track you back to the right school.
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    BOSTES & Discrimination in the HSC

    Since when has "should of" made any sense? You mean "should have".
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    Sent in by school after principal signs it
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    Illness/Misadventure in Exams - will it be accepted?

    Within 7 days of the exam, but the school sends it in not you
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    2015 exams published progressively online

    The 2015 exam papers are being published here: as they are cleared for copyright. Fyi, copyright material like images and text passages can be used free in an examination, but cannot be published afterwards for study purposes unless...
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    Why can't we take the exam out of the Exam Room anymore?

    For 2014 the rule said "Examination question papers may be removed at the end of the examination only if they are not to be used as answer booklets". The 2015 rule was tightened, as stated above. Too many students were taking multiple choice answer sheets or completed answers out of the...
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    Illness/Misadventure in Exams - will it be accepted?

    Obviously, you would also need a dr. to confirm that you were genuinely sick. Although a supervisor may say you looked sick, that is not a medical opinion. If you didnt see a dr. right after the exam, your appeal is prob screwed.
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    Illness/Misadventure process

    It's always best if you ask the doc to fill out section c of the form which has all the right questions