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    Do GUYS really want the truth?

    So, it really can't be too surprising...
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    atar estimate please

    Probably 85+. Rape your exams for 90+.
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    atar estimate

    I'd say 80 is fine with that. 90+ is still possible, though it will be more challenging. Get ready to own your externals.
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    standard scaling is higher than advanced?

    Who cares.. it is generally advisable to do Advanced anyway.
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    I find this show quite entertaining. Season 1 and 2 would be my favourites (3 was good - but not the same as the previous two).
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    Depression and the HSC - how do you cope?

    Re: Leaving school depression? Haha...
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    Fuckin young love...

    Relationships can feed the ego, and seem to act as a social achievement.
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    ATAR of 85

    I'll say yes, just don't <80 (they align anyway) your HSC exams.
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    Upcoming Movies to look out for!

    Remember, everyone is looking out for New Moon (primarily the males). Idiot.
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    Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

    Saw it two days ago, and it was quite good. I enjoyed the introductory scene. I haven't read it for a long time / forgot large amounts, though I found the end scenes to progress much faster than they could have been (sneaking in / the battle, etc.). Funeral was left out too, I believe.
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    2009 hsc

    Last year, I received that 90 mark, whilst a friend of mine received 72. She scored two points higher than me on an IQ test. Not everyone cares about the HSC.
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    ITT: We post the most annoying emails/chainmails we have received!

    That one you forward to increase genital size isn't annoying.
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    Favourite torrent sites.

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    Does year 11 matter?

    Depends, does it involve solids, liquids, gases, plasmas, BECs?
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    gravitational field

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    how accurate are your estimates really?

    An estimate thread... must be the first time on BOS.
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    Yep. The HSC really is happening T_T

    There are much more important things. *Asians confused*
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    what's so technical about sydney tech?

    They have 1 GB RAM on all PCs!