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    trying to register in another lecture...

    riteo so what should i do then? because i called the school and they said just to go to that room at that time and it should be on and talk to the lecturer to get registered later, or are there other lectures at different times
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    trying to register in another lecture...

    but it says not enabled, what does that mean?
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    Welcome Week

    ^^ pretty sure the signs said dance/rnb i think
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    quick question about late round offers...

    awesome, thanks for that guys..
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    quick question about late round offers...

    i just wanna know if the order your preferences are in affect your chance of getting into that course, like if for example i don't get in to my first three preferences as they all had no vacancies but my fourth preference does, will they choose other people over me who had that preference higher...
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    whose doin/done bachelor of communication at penrith?

    i am, for those of you who have done it, or doing it, what are the times of lectures like? lots of work? is it hard to get a job in journalism?
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    What HSC marks did you get?

    2 ancient history: 82/100 2 business studies: 79/100 2 English (standard): 79/100 2 General Maths: 77/100 2 PDHPE: 83/100 1 Studies of Religion: 42/50 can someone tell me if its the hsc marks you put into SAM, because if thats what im gettin im fucking stoked, fuck, like its 25 marks...
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    Official song of schoolies 2005:

    everyone went wild on 'my humps' and that techno song at the start of blade, forget what its called...
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    Damn Mopeds/Scooters at Schoolies

    HAHAHAHA I REMEMBER SEEING THAT, that was hella funny, ah shit, haha i glanced out my mates hotel for a second and saw that, haven't laughed so hard. What annoyed me was the damn beeping
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    Official school rankings...sooooo?!?!?!?!?

    heres my shoddy ranks: legal: 22/38 business: 18/54 maths (generaL): 32/82 english (standard): 1/79 religion (1 unit): 70/157 pe: 20/38 anyone know if i'll get scaled down that badly?
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    RET test for 05

    ^^ pretty much it means that you have to get within 10points of 81 for the RET score to be useful, so if you get a score of 71 in your UAI and the course you wanna get into is like 81, then you can, because your score is within 10 points of your mark... i got 66, hmm, guess its kinda okay, so...
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    bf/gf on schoolies?!?!?!?!

    trust, the number one rule in any relationship
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    Section II - Questions 21-25

    dammit! oh well, only few marks
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    Section II - Questions 21-25

    yeh i wrote the shoe advertisement had to do with creation of needs, persuading the children to buy the shoes to "be like her" or whatever. I just bullshitted on about Vic talking about how he might be on a certain contract and how it could become a dispute and having to go thru different...
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    Section I - Personalities

    YES!!! thanks whoever said about the images question being about her images she went thru and not ancient interpretations, although i talkd about that as well lol, and that exactly what i wrote for senemut, except i think i stuffed up the first question coz i just talked about how she favoured...
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    What do you think you got?

    realistically 13/20 mc 35/40 sa 7/40 er
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    option: sports medicene

    dammit, didnt write that crap, hopefully they wont mark anywhere near as hard seeing as everyone did really crap in the options sections
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    hey could someone tell me if these subjects get scaled up or down?

    ah k, yeh i just looked at some scaling thing, i think all of em but religion gets scaled down, yeh looks like ill have to go well then..
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    hey could someone tell me if these subjects get scaled up or down?

    ancient history business studies religion (1 unit) general maths standard english pdhpe
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    yeh you 2 mate, get plenty of sleep, i know i won't, i keep having stupid dreams that like continue