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    hey is it true wat they say bout austins (clapp)

    Its always good to hear your cheery vioce on here XD. Hows the O'Week list going for you?
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    which Tafe do you go to for acounting?

    Nah thats the way it should be as: - the new transaction [Dr A/c Rec (JOhn Crack)] + the old transaction [Cr A/c Rec (John Crack)] will cancel each other out, while - the Dr A/c Rec (JOHn Krack) reestablishs the accounts to what they should be
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    What's your major and your degree?

    B. Business/ B. Economics (UNE) Majors: Accounting and Economics
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    things to bring to college this year

    ballerinabarbie do you know if there are concert bands in armidale or at any of the colleges? and if so do u know if they hire out instruments or should i bring mi own instrument?
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    Duval College

    i got into Duval too.... has anyone else gotten an enrolment guide whichs ays we are suppose ta have a Student Enrolment Form through whcih we r meant to have enrolled in our units for 2006 (the booklet says by 30 Nov 2005 for 1st Semester units in 2006). r we s'pose to have done this already or...
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    Where to look for Accounting cadelships/traineeships

    I suggest u actually go into some of your local accounting firms in town and ask if they have any part-time/casual work and/or if they are looking for cadet/trainee accountants. i did this a couple of months ago and now have a casual position (40hrs a week while not @ uni).
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    Accommodation issues

    i didn't think u could get accomadation offers until u definitely have an offered place @ the university. so now that u have UNE as 1st preference u should get the accomadation letter soon after the course offer letter.
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    need help with accounting

    Hope this helps Also good luck everyone with your exam on Monday
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    Glossary of Key terms - anybody?

    I might have gone a little overboard with these. Ohh well
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    Topic 4

    Have a look @
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    New IR changes - divine advice from above (advice line)
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    Income inequality causes

    Equilbrium level of income = (a + I)/(1 - MPC) where: a = consumption when income equal to 0 I = investment
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    Calculations formulas

    MPC = change in consumption/change in income Y(equilibrium) = (autonomouus comsumption + Investment )/(1-MPC)
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    Workchoices - Macro or Micro?

    pros for reforms -
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    Chromotography maybe? or determining amino acids and peptides from protiens
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    Carbon Dioxide and Acid Rain

    Acid rain is usually refered to as rain with a pH less than 5. Since dissolved CO2 usually isn't in such high concentrations, dissolved CO2 does not classify rain to be acid rain.
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    will titration be on hsc paper?

    The acid may not always be in the burrette. Usually u have the known concentrated solution in the burrette and the unknown below it.
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    Correspondence Courses scaling

    Thanx for the help
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    Correspondence Courses scaling

    A few people have mentioned to me that doing a correspondence course get taken into UAI consideration, possibly increasing the overall assessment mark? Does anyone know if this is true, or if you have to apply or something, etc. ?
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    positioning of a double bond in alkene

    For this question, yes i would agree. But when u start getting compounds with OH-, halogens etc. it makes it easier if you can seperate the possition of the double bond...that and the fact that i'm use to it now :)