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    FEAS (Faculty of Engineering Admission Scheme) Interviews

    I have an interview!! Thursday 15 Nov 2012 at 9:30-10:00am for bachelor of chemical engineering/master of biomedical engineering What about you? And which engineering course did you apply for?
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    Anyone else screwed for Extension?

    I'm screwed. I haven't even touched my extension textbook since the trials. I have forgotten majority of the concepts. Regardless I only need an ATAR of 75 for my uni course and I have 13 units.
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    Anyone else feeling screwed for Bio??

    I'm screwed, I have never studied for biology until yesterday. I'm totally freaking out right now, Argh!!!!!
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    what happens if i dont write anything on my HSC exam paper?

    I recommend you don't do that! Why waste all that effort prior to the HSC externals just to give up. JUST DO YOUR BEST!!!! and don't stress you already have the potential to excel in these exams.
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    Is 850 words each english advance essay enough for me to get full marks?

    with 850 words it is possible to get 18/20 but I doubt ay higher though. But remember its all about quality rather than quantity. All of my essays are approximately 880 words and I still got 18/20 for all of my essays
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    Answering short answer questions for HSC science subjects

    Hello I was curious about different methods of answering of short answer responses. I have a friend who said you can answer questions with dot points and still receive full marks, is this true? Because I was always told to answer questions in full sentences. Especially for 5-7 mark questions...
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    3unit methods in 2unit

    So does not mean we can use combination and permutations in 2 unit probability questions.
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    Science Fiction?

    Really good! IF you're really into science fiction, you know the texts are just fantastic. The texts are even welcoming to people new to science fiction. It is really easy to analyse and you have a diverse choice of related texts and really easy to compose texts as it forces you to write more...
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    Atar estimate please!!!!

    Thank you for the estimates
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    Atar estimate please!!!!

    The reason I chose Ext 2 english is simple. I like to write! However I sort of regret choosing it, it was alot of commitment and thus adversely affected my internal results as you can denote.
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    Atar estimate please!!!!

    I would greatly appreciate if people can give me an ATAR estimate School rank: around 300-320 Subjects Bio: 4/12 English Adv: 24/35 English Ext 1: 4/5 English Ext 2: 5/5 Math Ext 1: 6/10 Math Adv: 14/19 Chem: 7/9 Physics: 8/9 Thank you very much. I'm hoping to at least get over 80 but looking at...
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    ATAR Estimate Please, All Overall Ranks

    Definitely high 80's maybe even possibly mid 90's
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    Wollongong University

    I've got an interview on the 24th for engineering and mathematics. YAY!!!
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    Major work submission

    Okay! Who's pump to finally submit their major work? Because I will be so happy, to take this weight off my load seriously. It has been a pain in the back. :dog:I still have to finalise the editing of my major work, reflection statement and add some more journal entries but regardless I'm so...
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    If you receive marks you don't like, how do you make yourself feel better?

    I just say "oh!" and then ignore it. I will probably get motivated so I excercise, clear my mind and then gradually start studying again until I regain confidence again.
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    other words for:

    The epitome of the idea is represented ... The idea is emphasised or highlighted or accentuated in the ... In conclusion or consequence the technique ...
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    Best of luck for your future career aspirations because I will be cheering you on!

    Best of luck for your future career aspirations because I will be cheering you on!
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    how hard?

    ee1 course isn't difficult however in the external hsc, the markers have a high expectation of you! this is a direct quote from my teacher who has been an ee1 hsc marker for the past 5yrs.
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    The Official 2012 Olympics Thread

    I would love to see it. because the north korea is the best korea! I wish i had foxtel so i can watch, the other events as well. damn u channel 9 and cable tv argh!!!
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    UMAT: Was a random BoSer sitting near you?

    seat:EE37 session:0800 attire: black wool jumper with white stripes and blue jeans I swear the hall was dead silent. It was the most silent place full of yr 12's I've ever seen