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    UAI/UMAT for medicine

    Keep in mind that 99.7 is the MEDIAN so it's certainly possible to get in with UAIs quite a bit lower than that - I know a couple of people with UAIs in the low 90s who got in (although they're rural students and had completed a year of uni so their GPA mediated their UAI).
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    Adult Vaccination Record...

    You shouldn't need to get the injections before enrolment (they'll usually give you at least a few weeks into uni to get this sorted out) - the faculty should provide you with a list of what vaccines you need to get. Generally speaking though, you'll need DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus)...
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    Med or dentistry

    If there's an option at Adelaide to accept the position for now and then accept an unbonded place if it becomes available then I'd take that (regardless, as they are in 2 different states you can accept both for the meantime and I *think* you can subsequently pull out anytime before the census...
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    UMAT test 2009

    UNCLE = University of Newcastle and when Wooz refers to "Bond" he's talking about Bond University which is a private university in Queensland (so there are no Commonwealth Supported Places).
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    How hard is it to maintain a WAM of 80 in medicine?

    It doesn't work that way in UNSW Med seeing as we only have one all-encompassing subject with a single exam every 8 weeks and which are worth the same amount of units of credit.
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    How hard is it to maintain a WAM of 80 in medicine?

    Top 20 sounds about right. The tests at UNSW consist of 2 sections of multiple choice questions (30 or so) and occasionally some labelling of diagrams (e.g. anatomy) and 4 sections of short answer questions usually in 3 or 4 parts i.e. part a, b, c, etc (although short answer = up to 2 pages of...
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    What UMAT prep should i do and Why??!?!?!?

    Wow, good on you for the good intentions and good luck to you in following through with it. Might I suggest decreasing the frequency of your prep whilst increasing the length (although this could wait until sometime when you are in year 12) - it will get you used to concentrating on UMAT type...
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    When will 2009 HSC Course Cut-offs be released?

    They should be released the day after main round offers come out.
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    UAI Cut off For Med

    I believe that the median UAI for those who got into UNSW last year (i.e. the median UAI for my year) was 99.7. Indeed, the median UAI for the first year students in UWS this year was in excess of 99 (or so I have been told).
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    Subjects you did for year 12

    Personally did 4U maths, adv english, chem, phys, geography. To be honest I haven't found that it matters that much what you do in the HSC. Chem does help in places and I suppose that Bio/PDHPE help in other places but 4 or 5 of my closest friends didn't do ANY science subjects in Year 12...
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    For those who have got into Med in ALREADY. A few questions :)

    I suppose as with everything it's a matter of choice - I personally did Medentry and I guess it was useful but I'm not going around beating its drum and saying I would have been a lost cause without it. I think more than anything with me it allowed me to get into the mindset of doing the UMAT...
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    Umat Results!

    I'm certain there's other threads addressing this question somewhere on this site but I can't be bothered to search for them so I'll just give you bonded medical places in a nutshell. Essentially with a bonded medical place (BMP) you are required to sign a contract which states that you...
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    JMP - Newcastle interviews

    As always, there's a fine line to tread between an answer that has been contemplated thoroughly beforehand and one that has been prepared/rehearsed. It's a hard call and I probably can't offer any advice that hasn't been offered before. There's questions (in particular questions such as why...
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    JMP - Newcastle interviews

    From my experience, certainly more serious than UNSW - that one was almost absurdly relaxed for me. You've got your hypotheticals and your "why do you want to study here"s - pretty standard stuff from an interview at any university not named UNSW or UWS. But people's reports of the interview...
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    combined or straight med?

    In reality, if you're 'bright' enough to get the 99.50 or 99.95 or whatever on earth the requirement is nowadays then you're more than capable of maintaing the credit average to stay in the course (I think you need to maintain a distinction average to keep your scholarship however - so most...
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    Newcastle Interview?

    Yeah UNCLE interview offers were released sometime in the middle of the HSC exam period last year for the person that asked. And I'm pretty sure people got interviews last year with UMAT scores lower than 187 (how much lower I'm not really sure - at least around 180 or something I think)...
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    Combined Medicine at USYD.

    Just to clear something up regarding the UWS scholarships. UWS does not have to be your first preference in order to get the academic excellence/vice chancellor's leadership scholarship if you are applying for medicine - as suggested by Zephyrio in his OP, it must merely be in your first 3...
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    UNSW med application form

    Be mindful, however, that the answers to those questions will be used, to some degree, to determine the path of your interview should you get one (as doink has mentioned). To a large extent, the questions that interviewees are subjected to are very similar across the board but there are...
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    UMAT Discussion

    Re: UMAT Registration The UMAT is scaled using a completely random method which the public is not privy to. So whilst there are technically 110 questions, it is not out of 110 - it is also possible to get over 100 for any single section (so it is not a percentage either).
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    Dallas Gibson of Icarus College BANKRUPT?

    Is it a coincidence that marinababy conveniently pops up again when SarahsSsS8 just mysteriously comes along, makes one post and leaves? Reverse Psychology anyone?