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    scaling for eco?

    oh thanks i can breath now ;)
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    scaling for eco?

    guys i know this is prob wrong thread but i need help i didnt write the section on any of my booklets it that bad will they know what it is? what do i do know? plzz reply
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    General Thoughts - Economics

    guys i need help!!!!!!!!!!! i didnt write section 3 or 4 on any of my writing booklets is that badddd? what do i do now:spam:
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    Question 7

    i wrote down C but i just looked at it and it is A. :jaw:
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    In Med....

    guys I think that the fact that some unis (ie Syd. d NSW unis) have been around for longer thus are dare i say more experiences while others like western are starting of and are finding their ground. but quilification wise if u make it through uni (any) and become a doctor man hats off to u. no...
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    Screwed for Umat, plz help!!

    hey i can see this thread is going a bit of topic at times (hehe entertaining to read though). I was going to sit for the UMAT this year and so have been preparing for it for the past 2 years (don't ask why) but i did the Dalas and the MedEntry courses and can tell you PERSONALLY the MedEntry...
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    The Alchemist

    thanks for that i am spending today analysising the book so if you have any notes left....PLEASE IT WOULD BE A LOT OF HELP
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    The Alchemist

    i disagree i am doing imaginative journey and my teacher gave me this book and said that a lot of extension kids do this book and works for imagivative journey. just its really hard to analysis it in that sense. its the best for inner and physical :hammer:
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    The Alchemist

    thanks for the notes but wondering can u do the book also for imaginative journeys?
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    The Alchemist

    i am doing the alchemist for imaginative journey and would deeply apresiate the notes for it PLEASE post soooooooooooooooon!!:wave:
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    Those anyone know a song about changing worlds?

    waiting on the world to change by John Mayer and CHanges by 2pac:wave:
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    English-change text

    i'm doing the movie "the Kid" and "Imagine a Day". they are about change in perspective:wave: hope it helps
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    Nursing & Midwifery.

    hey i was really really inrested in your path towards med. did u always want to do medicine? how was nursing? i am currently deciding to do either nursing or med. i am very passionate about both profesions but i am not sure if i can get the REally high UAI and study for the UMAT at the same...
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    UMAT SCORE 300, UAI 100/ ENTER 99.95-which uni wuld u choose

    hey i noticed that you r studing at UNSW med. i was wondering what was ur UAI and UMAT scores. also any info u can provide on the interview. i am currently in yr 11 but i want to try and get into a degree if med at UNSW. any help is highly appreciated