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    The name of the mathematic subjects in the b/comm?

    dude, BUSS1030 is introductory accounting lol, there is no maths there.
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    ATAR Estimate Please!!!

    solid rankings son, i would say 94-96, just make sure you are helping your classmates as well, cause in hsc you all work as a 'cohort' against other schools, your atar is indirectly affected by the performance of your fellow classmates
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    Atar Estimate!

    around 80-90, mainly due to your 80-120 school ranking, thats 40 schools of difference dude, can you be abit more precise.
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    How do rankings of schools affect your HSC mark?

    school ranking is super important and it affects your HSC mark ALOT, as a 2011 HSC student, i have ALREADY personally experienced the effects of school rankings, my school previously ranked mid 30s now ranking mid 20s, i compared my trial mark, my internal and school rankings along with other...
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    Atar estimate pls

    you are on the high 50s zone
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    ATAR estimate please!!! :)

    around 68-70, i know someone with similar ranking however his school ranked like 245, and he got 66 last year
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    atar estimate asap !

    i think around its gonna be a *
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    Atar estimate helllllppppppp

    Your school is ranking around 200 so its not that bad, you seem to do quite well in most subjects however for advanced english you are only ranking 9th out of 19 and it has the lowest mark out of all subs. Other than Economics and advanced English, other subjects don't 'scale' that well, I think...
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    are you serious......i find accounting extremely hard......micro is like so easy
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    Transferring to UNSW commerce

    syndicates??? are you referring to agency.....cause i don't think agency is in our exam...dude, good luck for you too. what theatre are you in?
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    Transferring to UNSW commerce

    i dunno bro, i dont think CLAW is that hard for me....i basically made a sheet with all the cases and the principles behind them.....have you listened to the podcast and read the sample answers? i find them quite helpful
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    Transferring to UNSW commerce

    bro, you know tmr's lecture for CLAW1001 is cancelled?
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    Transferring to UNSW commerce

    are you serious or just joking.....
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    Transferring to UNSW commerce

    but what about for those that come from tafe? the question i wanna know more about is, can he transfer in the MIDDLE of the semester???
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    Transferring to UNSW commerce

    LOL, cool, i am studying claw1001 too but i find it ok. dont worry about him. i am just wondering because i have never heard of people transferring during the semester...but nothing is impossible tho
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    Transferring to UNSW commerce

    LoL at your Bachelor of hamburgerology? did you do CLAW1001 in usyd. there was a case about the university of mcdonald that i have to study about.
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    Transferring to UNSW commerce

    yea exactly, i doubt that as well. i really dont want him to go, but he sounds so serious about it. So, NO transfer can be made during the semester, yeah? you cant really walk away from your mid-semester exam and then just go to another uni and start over again.....
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    Transferring to UNSW commerce

    I know someone who is currently studying in University Of Sydney doing Bachelor of Commerce. He is telling me he is going to transfer to UNSW bachelor of commerce, next week. So i am wondering, is it ever possible to transfer during the semester? this is his first semester in first year. he got...
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    Semester 1 USYD Chatter Thread

    Commercial Law is like CRAZY!!!!!!!
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    How hard is Bachelor of Commerce - Major Accounting

    what about requirements for CPA Australia certification