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    Griffith University - calling all students

    Hey, wow never knew their will be so many people moving to griffith, i thought i was all alone lol >< are you all from nsw? Neways i'm planning to do oral health in dental science at griffith uni (anyone doing it as well), however waiting if i get into late round for UQ. But yea, not sure if to...
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    dent at griffith

    Congrats rocafella. I got an interview for griffith for dentistry and i was wondering if u could tell me some questions you were asked and how i can prepare for the interview? Thanks Also i believe the UAI cut-off this year is 90UAI.
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    Dentistry , a lil help ^^

    NOw i'm getting confused. I'm about to do the interview in 2 weeks...Anyone know any of the questions they asked? Also i think i should know some stuff about the course i'm doing before i enter the interview. So after 3 years, i.e. undergraduate course of dental science and if i want to get...
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    Estimate Raw Mark Band Cutoffs

    fishy... i would say 95. 95 aligned mark is like 73-75 raw mark...that is IF 75 is 95...but im more leaning to 96 for raw mark of 75/84...especially with such similarities in past years... remember people who are saying they got about 75/84 and got 48 like soul searcher, it may be the maximuum...
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    Estimate Raw Mark Band Cutoffs

    Fishy89sg i believe 75/84 raw is about 95-96/100 aligned mark, close to what gizmo said but its seems like u don't believe becos its too high...but from past years 2006 and 2004 its would be about the same Majan 70/84 for ext 1 would giv you about 92-93 abouts...but thats a guess, cos i haven't...
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    What Your think your raw marks will be?

    Oh btw it also depends on how hard 2004 test was...which most of you guys probably have done post up ur comparison between this year and 2004, and there you go.
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    What Your think your raw marks will be?

    Alright guys...seems like everyone for 4U and 3U are wondering what raw marks are... Well in 2004 some students used this form: to attain their raw marks...due to some individual freedom rights for knowing your personal information or...
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    Speeches! Help!

    Just one question... If a question in HSC asked for TWO speeches, can we still write about three?
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    how much do internal assesments really count?? plus other random questions

    If the top 10 people got the same mark for internal assessments, would the rank given to BOS be 10th or 1st? 1. Depending on the school, subjects such as english where the assessments have small totals such as 15, the marks are fairly close, so ranking isn't really important - i think...
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    getting >99

    Is it possible to get >99 UAi if you get band 5 for english advance (85-89) and low band 6 for your other subjects? (aligned marks)