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    elias crushed our humpty dumpty basket on the first round "there's no egg in here" *steps on it and egg goes everywhere* /me starts crying
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    I'm on camp 2 :D you reckon we'll have enough time to check out all the union stuff on wednesday morning? The green sheet we got about the camp says: Presuming that the writer forgot to include the "social function" day for Camp 2 .. then w0000t alcohol - lol "may" Tell me all u guys...
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    Was hoping for someone who's actually been to it to post and tell us what it's all about!
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    i would also like to know what we're gonna be doing on these camps. lecturer guy said something about it being 'crucial' but i want the hard fact from a student who's actuallt been on it - what's it all about? to be honest i don't really want to go.. and if it's a load of bs i won't so...
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    general scholarship questions.. help!!!

    general scholarship questions.. i received a letter from UTS inviting me to a interview for the co-op scholarship i want to know a couple of things and i was hoping what the letter lacks to tell then some people on here could.. firstly.. what to wear? just jeans and and a nice shirt.. or...
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    how many pages?

    for all those people who said they saw the 6-10 page samplar and band 6 answers in the standards package put your hearts to rest. no offence to all those people who DID write alot, but the samplar/band 6 answers show that it is about answering the question, it is answering the question which...
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    another lil question

    just remember this little trick milimetres (mm) = x10^-3 for metres micro-metres (the weird u/p shaped thing) = x10^-6 for metres nano-metres (nm) = x10^-9 for metres remember it goes -3, -6 and -9 and remember mili is smallest (-3) and nano sounds like nine therefore -9...
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    Queries on Motors and Generator Questions from SuccessOne

    i was doing some of the multiple choice questions from successone book, the ones at the beginning which are sectioned off under their topics (beginning page 26) i looked at the answers, referred to my contexts and excel book and the explanation of the answers and it still makes no sense...
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    CSSA Trial

    im so glad all of you people are saying "that was nothing like previous cssa" - on weekend i did 4 cssa previous year's papers and iw as cheering! i started relaxing and watching tv can anyone actually give an explanation as to WHY this year was SO HARD compared to previous CSSA? it doesnt...
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    Comparitive Study of Texts and Contexts - Suppl Needed?

    I've been having an argument with friends about Paper 2 - Section 1 which we will sit tomorrow. We studied BNW and Blade Runner - will we need to know supplementary texts? Thanks.
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    Where to buy text books...

    I'm looking to buy some text books. I'm looking to buy all sorts of past paper compilations, second-hand cambridge maths book, second0hand physics books. Basically, if somebody could reccommend bookshops that sell or specialise in student studies in the sydney areas i would greatly appreciate...
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    How did you find/hear about us?

    my friend thought it was funny to make me think the link to this site was for porn.. now im hooked okay, so maybe i lie a little bit. okay.. friends.
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    Excel Physics textbook

    I find that a combination of; a) Longman (our school's TB); b) Excel and; c) My teacher's overhead notes Is everything i need. Although some people may argue that then again my teacher may be setting easy tests this is not true. He is a fairly well known Physics tutor at one of the major...