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    Grammar Nazi

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    Please help urgent

    Year 11 doesn't have any affect on your ATAR at all.
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    OMG What Should I Do? [Cramming]

    Better to start now rather than not start at all.
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    10-20 songs to rep your fav artist

    In no particular order: Michael Jackson She's Out of My Life Billie Jean Dirty Diana Beat It The Way You Make Me Feel Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough Remember the Time Rock With You Man in the Mirror Black or White Heal the World Stranger in Moscow Human Nature Smooth Criminal...
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    summary notes

    You should really be writing your own notes for English.
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    How many hours of study...??

    Quality not quantity. It's not about the period of time studied, it's about what you achieve and the progress you make in the period of time spent studying. There's no use saying you'll study X hours if you're not working productively because then you'll just be wasting your time. Instead of...
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    White subjects for Yr 11 for good ATAR ?

    Play to your strengths and select subjects accordingly. Don't pick subjects rashly just because they 'are the best'.
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    Baulkham > JRAHS?

    You should too.
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    Baulkham > JRAHS?

    Well she said, "It's easier to blame/insult others than it is to insult yourself." It doesn't matter if you're Asian or not, the point is that your previous post may, by some Asians, be considered an insult.
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    Short Stories?

    Edgar Allan Poe has some pretty good stuff.
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    Here is my Last FM profile: MisuChan’s Music Profile – Users at
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    star signs

    I'm Cancer and have never believed in horoscopes.
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    is smoking weed bad?

    Smoking anything is bad because no matter what you're smoking, you're still inhaling smoke into your lungs which could be highly detrimental to your health.
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    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official Football Thread Reds agree Wilson deal - Liverpool FC BBC Sport - Football - England captain Steven Gerrard set to stay at Liverpool
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    Baulkham > JRAHS?

    This nicely sums up the thread.