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    Getting a Band 6 in Visual Arts

    Hey, would you be able to help me please? I'm only just passing visual arts and getting around 50-60% in class and trials. What are the main things I need to know? Thanks for any help :D
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    Automotive Exam!!!

    Hey. Is anyone doing the auto exam? I'm gonna give it ago and was wondering what and how everyone else is gonna study for it? Cheers guys
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    Belonging - Related Text Suggestion?

    hey. Im having trouble with relating of mice and men to belonging can someone help?
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    The Crucible

    YES IT IS! theres nothing to keep the reader wanting to continue it, the court scene went for way too long and was boring as!
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    Banjo Patterson poems???

    Hey, I'm doing distinctive voices, and our prescribed text(s) are banjo Patterson poems. I'm having trouble with it and need help analyzing how 'distinctive voices' is portrayed in banjo Patterson poems. Any help??
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    Distinctive Voices

    Hey :) I'm also doing Banjo Patterson poems. Would you be able to send me some notes or something on them please? I'm struggling with them :/ thanks
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    HELP!! distinctive voices??

    Sorry, I thought that the admins fixed the search feature. It really depends on your prescribed text however, some related texts that might work include: Maestro V for Vendetta Romulus my father She's the man Babe 10 Things I hate about you To kill a mockingbird Looking for...
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    HELP!! distinctive voices??

    Could you just tell me some it's easier than looking for them on here
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    HELP!! distinctive voices??

    Ok cool, what would be some good related texts?
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    HELP!! distinctive voices??

    Yeah that didn't help at all lol
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    HELP!! distinctive voices??

    I have a trial exam on Monday and I have no idea what distinctive voices is, so could someone please explain what it is. Thanks