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    UNSW rollcall 2016

    first year b economics
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    Is economics first year hard?

    Oh I think I get it now. So I can just mimic Bcomm degree first year and transfer right into it. So for example lets say I wanted to do a commerce major like Business economics that needs econ1202, I could miss the course first year and complete it in second or third year to be able to complete...
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    Is economics first year hard?

    I will have to do econ1202 since it is a core subject, at least according to this it is From what this website tells me I have first year courses all chosen for me or am I misunderstanding...
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    Is economics first year hard?

    I am trying to get into bachelors of commerce but might not reach the ATAR requirement. Because of this I put economics as my third preference, so that I could transfer from economics to commerce during second year. The problem is I am worried that economics may make it difficult to transfer, if...
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    B/economics vs B/arts and business to get into B/comm and it

    I just received my atar and may or may not get into B/comm and IT because of the bonus points that I get; having financial difficulty EAS and extra points from U@UNSW. But I'm unsure of if I will get into the course and so I want to have a backup plan to see what is the best course to transfer...
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    Do not know what to write for this question.

    The question is: Identify Two major human rights documents and explain their contribution to the development of human rights? and was in a trial paper that we were given as practice for the HSC now the problem is A our teacher has left the school early and she is the only teacher who taught...
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    Post Trials Estimate

    School rank 271 Overall rankings and marks English Standard:1/21 65 (could be higher not to sure but around this region) Legal Studies:1/7 84% Ancient History:=2/7 83% Information Process Technology:4/22 81% Business studies:1/15 95% What is the likely atar for me?
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    Feel like I am wasting time

    During the holidays I completed my notes, and over the weekends I add onto it if there is anything I missed. The problem however is during the week I feel like I am wasting time when I could be doing work, there just isn't enough for me to do!. Can anyone suggest what I can do to fill up the...
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    Post half yearly estimate please

    school rank = 271 Business studies 1/15 standard English 2/12 legal studies 1/7 ancient history 2/9 Information process technology 3/24 Is there any chance i can get 85+ so anxious also even though i came second my mark wasn't that good is there still time to improve
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    Best way to finish notes during two week holidays?

    I am looking to finish all of my notes for all of my subjects during the holidays. I have ancient history, legal studies, IPT and business studies to do notes for. I was wondering what is the best way to do all of the years work in these two weeks and how should i do it. I was thinking of...
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    Is it alright to study like this

    I have half yearly's starting in 2 weeks now business english and IPT are in the first week of the half yearly's should i solely focus on business english and IPT for the week before the half yearly's start and then after those 3 exams start studying after the IPT exam the weekend and the day...
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    Failed first standard test

    I failed the first test(listening task) we got for standard 13/28 but came = first with another student what should i aim to do in the essay that will be due soon and, will maintaining first in the subject assist me?
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    Need advice for English

    I am currently in year 11 and am doing business, legal, ancient, IPT, general maths and English advanced. I am doing well in the other subjects 90 in legal, 94 in business , 93 in ancient, 76 in IPT, unknown for maths, for the half yearly however I had done terribly in English and only got 56%...