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  1. al_x

    The "OMG I've Finished the HSC" thread

    FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED!!!! Now what am i going to do? so bored....
  2. al_x

    too much caffine?

    i always have caffine too but normally max 2 coffees and one coke a day (usually just a coffee in the morning) and what i have drunk today was over a 4 hr period
  3. al_x


    yeah and TOO BAD IF THE NOTES FELL OUT OF THE ELASTIC BANDS ONTO THE FLOOR. thats pretty dodgy. I would just cut to the chase and write on my legs then take a toilet break when i got stuck.
  4. al_x

    too much caffine?

    I dont' know whether its stress or what, but about a week ago i stopped being able to sleep more than 4 hours at a time. V and coffee have since become necessities as i am exhausted and i can't study, but i can't sleep either.. Anways today definately topped the caffine intake with 2 cups of...
  5. al_x


    its so easy to cheat! I dont coz i want to actually earn the mark that i get but when i study i write things on my hands so that later ill look at my hands and remember what i studied (in STUVAC i had the right hand palm rule for physics written on my hand for a week!... on my left hand but it...
  6. al_x

    Urgent Query to do with Multiple Choice [All Subjects]

    dunno if they get a computer to mark it or not (maybe humans just mark the ones with bits crossed out and "correct" written in etc) but yeah i don't think they would pick up on that... especially since theres no garentee that u got the other questions right. heres my tip for multiple choice...
  7. al_x

    Teacher bias

    Our english teacher has like pre-determined ranks. I always come 11th or 12th. Its so stupid! He handed out the essay of the girl who is coming first and my dad read her essay coz it was on the desk and he thought it was my essay! hes like 'honestly, u and her both write almost the same' its...
  8. al_x

    Things you'd love to do in an exam

    if they DO let u take a calculator in dont they reset it? they reset everyones calculator for the maths exam
  9. al_x

    Your opinion on 'night before study'

    casmira, pretty sure that since you have been studying for that long now that cramming tonight will probably stress you out more than help. you wont learn anything and itll just make u tired. i recommend a good nights sleep, or watch tv or something. cramming the night before is only beneficial...
  10. al_x

    The Panic, The Vomit

    hahaaa i know how u feel! The night before my bio exam i had a huge fight with my parents and again in the morning and when i got into the exam i couldnt concentrate at all... I SWEAR I FAILED! and then when i got back i got kicked out of the house for THREE DAYS! and then i had extension...
  11. al_x

    Hows your room?

    You have WAY too much time on your hands
  12. al_x

    im procrastinating. join in

    r u procrastinating on the procrastinating challenges captain?
  13. al_x

    Who hates this week?

    I had ext eng today and i have physics on friday which isnt so bad, cept for that i have to work all day tomorrow and wednesday! How the hell am i going to study? more to the point... when am i going to sleep? Oh well, last exam friday and then i will drink and drink until i pass out and not...
  14. al_x

    im procrastinating. join in

    OK GUYS I AM DONE WITH THE SLINKY took me a whole week but I now have one perfectly formed untangled metal slinky. BEAT THAT! Next challenge please. Hurry up though, only got physics left to study for and there's only so many games of spider solitaire you can play before getting...
  15. al_x

    Crime Fiction

    the essay wasnt too bad. my thesis was without a formula there can be no story, and with no story there can be no crime fiction then i just b/s my way through the whole thing. the picture was crap, and i was praying that it wouldnt be a short story because im really bad and CF short stories so...
  16. al_x

    Comfort food... what eases your studying?

    Whos the freaky nerd?? U r the one hanging around a HSC forum when u arent doing the HSC. Dont u have any friends?
  17. al_x

    Comfort food... what eases your studying?

    my smoking habit got so much worse over the last few weeks. but im quitting as soon as the HSC finishes on friday! i should have tried to quit when it started getting worse, but i didnt want to add another stress to the list
  18. al_x

    DAY light SAVINGS!!

    Oh! i didnt fall for it, but i wish it was the other way around. i have got hardly any sleep in days, and now we lose an hour! why couldnt daylight savings start next week?
  19. al_x

    does anyone else have random songs in their head during exams??

    lol the other week my dad was watching some documentry on tv about black people, R&B and sex. and he was walking around singing that Kelis song... cept he didnt know the words so it was like "My milkshake is better than yours! Damn right my milkshake is better than yours!" And im like (oh...
  20. al_x

    Extension English people

    r u doing crime fiction? A red herring is a false lead in crime fiction. Like in every single episode of CSI or whatever they think they know the guy that did it and so they follow him around harassing him the whole time, and he has motive and opportunity and stuff, but then in the end it turns...