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    trial papers

    message me on priv on here i have 2 independent ones lol do yours have answers?
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    internal marks = overall atar?

    wait i dont go to school ranks between 60-85
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    internal marks = overall atar?

    rn i'm hovering around the 90 mark - some below, some above. my range is probably 85-94, but getting 80 in english advanced and extension. am i on track 😭
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    trial plans

    i'm not rlly doing hours a day because knowing myself once i reach that time i'll just stop, even if its only like 5pm lol. so i'm doing 3 subjects a day, however on days where i have a holiday class or tutoring or another commitment (mine go for 2+ hours) i'm doing 2 subjects not including the...
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    internal marks = overall atar?

    hi!! can anyone who has done the hsc in the past post what their internal marks were looking like in subjects and what overall mark they ended up achieving in each subject? not necessarily asking for your atar, but more what marks were you getting to achieve your overall mark? if anyone had a...
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    is my teacher right allowing me to drop a subject?

    I think you can - but if you're concerned, just stick out music for another term (even if you do really bad, doesn't matter) and then drop it first day of term 4 just so you can say the course is 'completed'
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    is my teacher right allowing me to drop a subject?

    if you're accelerating ext 2 which is only a year 12 subject I assume you completed the ext 1 preliminary course last year when you were in year 10. to check this you can log in to students online and see under the enrolment/results section and see that you have completed the courses. if I'm...
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    How much did you spend for your Major Work in HSC D&T?

    jeez,what is your major? why do you need to spend that much? at the moment I've spend just under 100$, and don't think I'll be spending more than 200 in total. I'm making an architecture model - but you should be repurposing some items as well, not just buying new things every time. doesn't...
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    what science shoudl i choose for the hsc im struggling

    bio is not actually THAT difficult there is a lot of content but if you stay on top of it it is very interesting. Don't be concerned with scaling as much, just do subjects you're interested in and enjoy and you will get better marks than torturing yourself doing a high scaling subject. also If...
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    What should I choose for Y11 subjects?

    start in 3u if u think ur capable, otherwise you can always drop. also i'd definitely consider geo, the skills section is the same as anything you've ever done in lower years and the content is decently easy as well. legal has a lot of memorising and essay writing, but considering you're looking...
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    why is year 12 so much worse than year 11
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    *It Got Attacked* I Made A Website That Marks HSC Questions (~73% Accuracy)

    pls add more subjects lol specifically bio or food tech if possible bc if u don't say 1 word u normally lose like 5/6 marks
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    Does anyone else LOVE standard 2 maths?

    i dropped from advanced to standard for year 12. my face genuinely lights up every time I see it on my timetable.
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    any unsw student willing to lend a helping hand to a year 12 student 🙏

    hi yall i'm currently in year 12, and I spend a lot of time at unsw main library doing my work. don't worry I'm not any of the school kids that run around screaming or eating and laughing while everyone's tryna work, I promise I spend most of my time on level 8 in silence 😭 but because I go...
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    thank u this is encouraging lol I'm very lucky for dt we have access to most resources, but I have a really good teacher who pays very good attention to detail. last year her hsc class had 16 students and everyone got an 85 or higher she was very happy lol. it's just stressful rn bc everyone is...
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    can i still make a comeback rank wise? because i wasn't in the best headspace last term and had a lot going on like in my family life and kind of stuffed my exams. I did well in 2 of my subjects (95 and 100), but i really stuffed both English adv (75) and extension 1 (78). i think i may have...
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    2024 HSC Chat

    i'm taking december "off" to give myself a break and letting myself go out with my friends and work. when january starts I just plan to finish off and finalise any notes I did from last term, get ahead a bit in maths and familiarise myself with the standard 2 content because i'm likely dropping...
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    2023 ATAR/HSC Marks

    guys im sooooo happy i got 91 in italian and 94 in pdhpe 😭 this is really motivating for me as I didn't feel I did as well as I could have in my first assessment tasks and was rlly upset about it :( GOOD JOB TO EVERYONE EVERYONE GETTING 99S IS CRAZY GOOD JOB
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    motivation help PLEASE :(

    I just meant my marks for my assessments this term like what range they were. so in english advanced I bombed it and got a 77 so I said that was a band 4
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    motivation help PLEASE :(

    guys ive gotten all my results back now and I've done pretty shit, 1 band 6, 3 band 5s, a band 4 and of course I failed maths 😍😍😍 I rlly haven't applied myself, I'm really upset with these results considering these marks actually count....... can I come back from this and still get a 92 😭 do I...