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    Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2009)

    there was only i case i think. there wasn't enough time so i only put the following - macrodantin CI with low crcl, and lower limb sensory loss - implement methotrexate due to poor management of RA - change NSAID to paracetamola adn fish oil - delay sulfasalazine (stupid) i missed the big...
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    Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2009)

    Hey lala how many issues do you have to get to pass? is 2.5-3 ok? (of the big ones)
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    Semester 2 Chatter Thread (2008)

    Re: Semester 2 Chatter Thread Hey, how was the pharmprac exam for you last year? Did they repeat many of the practice questions at all?
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    Semester 2 Chatter Thread (2008)

    Re: Semester 2 Chatter Thread hey do they have physform and pharmprac in 3rd year too?
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    What have you eaten today?

    2 protein drinks 1 sausage roll 1 meat pie subway pizza foot long dumplings 5 bottles of water
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    help me misdreavous

    sup Hao Ye.
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    Windows XP SP3 release date?

    Does anyone know when this will be released? Wiki says March 24 for RTM but that day has come and gone.
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    Workout/Gym Plan Questions

    Yea, it's still expensive tho, around 30 dollars a kilo. How much do you guys drink per day? I'm thinking of 3 times on workout days (that's once in the morning, once after workout and once before bed) and 2 times on non workout days (that's once in the morning and once at night) How's...
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    About to get the sack

    Yeah, working in a pharmacy is pretty boring it seems.
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    Favourite airline?

    Emirates is awesome, added to that they only have hot air hostesses from all corners of the globe.
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    Workout/Gym Plan Questions

    awesome my friend's buying it and we're gonna split it so works out to be about 60 dollars for 2.35kgs.
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    The best games from last generation: PS2, GC, XBOX

    PS2: Dynasty Warriors series.
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    Failed my Ps.

    Yeah I rebooked for May 1st.
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    Failed my Ps.

    Hey guys, I failed my Ps test today with my instructors' car. I had 1 fail item with the testing officer having to intervene and 6 braking errors. Now the fail item was at a T junction there were a few cars parked on both sides of the T junction blocking a good view of the road, so I stopped...
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    11-year-old marries 10-year-old cousin

    I thought dating/marrying cousins was illegal, incest or both?
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    Workout/Gym Plan Questions Hey guys what do u think of this protein? Is it good for you and value for money.?
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    changing lanes

    Ok thanks guys, Btw will they ask you to reverse park between 2 cars or just 1?
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    changing lanes

    So are u guys sure it's 3 seconds? My mum keeps saying they changed it from 3 to 5 with the new test. Is that right? 5 seconds seems ages, especially in tight situations.
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    changing lanes

    When changing lanes, do you have to indicate for 5 seconds beforehand? If you don't is it an instant fail in the Ps test? I just think 5 seconds is a bit long is all, especially when the lanes are packed with cars. Thanks
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    Workout/Gym Plan Questions

    So what do you guys suggest in terms of a 3 day plan? I've just realised I can only go very occasionally on weekends so during uni it will most likely just be a 3 day week. I'm going to have these exercises I do every gym day: Cardio Ab machine Dumbbell warmup How do you guys handle cardio? I...