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    uac website says it busy so can't access atar

    this is so annoying i cant even access my atar because the stupid website is "too busy". is this problem happening to anyone else
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    Anyone know about Medicinal Chemistry?

    medicinal chemistry is more of a gateway into pharmacy if thats what your into. I don't think its a good degree because your just wasting a few years when you can get into pharmacy straight away
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    how f*cked am I?

    i have two exams tomorrow with only an hour separating the, i only just started studying for them yesterday and since they are my last exams i don't even feel like studying. should i study or just not bother anymore. i so sick of this shit
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    General thoughts: HSC chemistry 2015

    maybe because you had to write an equation which would constitute to 1 mark. but to be honest im not really sure
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    Multiple Choice

    for the one about the correct equation for the incomplete combustion of the fuel i put A becasue D wasn't the balanced, not sure though.. other than that i think i could get 18/20 for multiple choice which is way better than bio
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    General thoughts: HSC chemistry 2015

    shes not a marker, she's a head marker meaning that she just overveiws everyone else marking so that they are consistent. and im pretty sure you can be a hsc marker and still teach cause my english and textile teachers are bother hsc markers
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    General thoughts: HSC chemistry 2015

    no he is right because my chem teacher is the head hsc marker for chemistry board of studies and she said that you needed a diagram
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    Prediction for Chem Exam

    yeah but alphabetical... my friend got this in his trial and he wrote beryllium before barium and it stuffed him up
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    Thoughts on HSC chemistry 2015

    there was that easy question through, write the first 20 elements in alphabetical order 6MARKS. i think i got that one right unless i wrote beryllium before barium.
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    HSC 2012-2015 Chemistry Marathon (archive)

    re: HSC Chemistry Marathon Archive a suitable standard solution should be readily available, found in pure form and unreactive. KOH can be found in pure form and can be sold in pellets making it easy to transport and weight. however KOH is hygroscopic meaning it absorbs moisture from the air...
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    Prediction for Chem Exam

    i hope they don't ask this, i'll be dead, such a hard question
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    Long reponse predictions?

    my teachers predictions were possibly about ethylene, PVC or polystyrene
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    Biology exam thoughts

    goodbye to band 6 in bio...
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    Biology exam thoughts

    that question ruined me
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    Biology exam thoughts

    i dont think so, i think you were meant to talk about myopia and hyeroptia and lens to fix that
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    Biology exam thoughts

    yeah i did DNA replication, was that the third question for section 2? but not sure on my answer. this biology test is going to ruin me, i just got home and am thinking of better answers i could have written
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    Smuggling Food/Drinks into HSC

    im pretty sure you're allowed to bring in a small snack as long as it is in a clear plastic bag. my friend from last year said that she brought a clear bag of crackers in her chem exam but couldn't actually eat it cause she was too loud. and in the english exam i saw a girl bring in a clear...
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    Pen vs. Pencil

    my chem teacher is a head marker at hsc marking centre. she said to use pencil cause it will scan through fine, but if your not sure you can uuse pencil first so that no mistakes are made and then go over it in pen
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    Help with HSC Please! :( I'm going so crap at it...

    i think that you having too much pressure from your dad which is unhelpful. i wouldn't say that im in the same boat because my dad dosn't tease me or call me fat or stupid, but he does put alot of pressure on me. honestly you have to be honest with youreslf. my dad beleives that i can get 90+...
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    all school duxs have a guarenteed position in sydney uni

    so has anyone heard of the new sydney university inniative what are your thoughts?