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    any year 2,3,4 aero space students?

    hey are there any aeronautical space students here in years 2,3,4 who can add my msn so i can hav a chat with them now nd then to kno a bit about this course nd may b they can guide me slightly during the course? thnx guys the email is
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    combining with science

    interwiew, what for, do i hav to pass an interviwe or something, i thought just uai is enough?? :S
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    combining with science

    hi i was thinking of doing a BE/BSc course, i wanted to do aeronautical space for engineering, do i just put BE/BSc as my first preference and then when i enroll i can pick aeronautic space for the engineering part?
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    Need info on aero

    thnx antarctic, nd its aeronautical (space) i m taking about templar
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    no future career?

    i am applying for aero space, and am getting really worried now by every 1 saying therez barely any good future jobs avaliable for the graduates and post graduates. how hard will it be to get jobs overseas if i maintain a distinction average (which is probab very hard, but dono how i'll go in...
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    Need info on aero

    well mr. sgs i would like to talk to some studen who actually is doing this course and could give me a 1st hand discription and his/her thoughts upon it so it would be great if a current aero space students could give me his/her views on this course, my msn is
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    take a guess

    99.90 hehe yay
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    Need info on aero

    hey i just got my uai tday -- 99.90 and am gonna put aeronautical space as my 1st preference. well could some 1 tell me their experience through it and what kind of jobs are avaliable after undergraduate study and also i didnt apply for any scholarships. is it too late to apply for any at this...
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    take a guess

    hav a guess bout my uai bio 95 chem 90 esl 91 3u maths 98 4u maths 94 physics 95 :D
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    Guess my UiA pleaSE

    hmm close call, it will be real tough.. but i'll make it easy for you. write me a check for $5000 and the CEO of BOS is my wife and i'll get her to change ur uai to 100.
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    how much do internal assesments really count?? plus other random questions

    no. 3 will come back to u at a greater level after the trials when u hav studied so had for these school examinations and yet the main hsc is still up ahead
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    Summer Holiday Study

    for me studying things far ahead doesnt help, so i'd just study the upcoming topics, make some draft notes read through books and relax. if u start studying for trials now then u'll be straining yourself too much. just make sure, many people slack off after the half yearlies, but u shd stay...
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    working too hard

    i always used others better than me to motivate me. in year 12 i looked at the ppl ahead of me and aimed to beat them no matter what. and then if u end up being rank 1, just aim to keep it up
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    Recieved UAC letter?

    yeh i got me uai letter quite a while ago, gave me some number to log onto the uac website
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    prediict mine too please

    our dux usually gets lyk 99.5+
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    prediict mine too please

    <TABLE style="BORDER-LEFT-COLOR: rgb(192,192,192); BORDER-BOTTOM-COLOR: rgb(192,192,192); BORDER-TOP-COLOR: rgb(192,192,192); BORDER-RIGHT-COLOR: rgb(192,192,192)" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 border=1><TBODY><TR><TD align=right>15030</TD><TD>Biology</TD><TD align=right>2</TD><TD>1 /...
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    Comparison of Multiple-Choice Answers

    number 14 is D coz we are always meant to answer a question in the same decimal places as stated in the question. sorry if this has already been mentioned got 14/15
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    this guy in my school, well hez ranked 2nd in biology.. and he rkns he got a 100 in this exam, what would that be scaled to? would it go lower coz bio is a bad scaling subject??
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    did everyone just bs in that!!??

    hey sgs u seem so cool can u help me out lol for the experiment i rote put some of the new and old plants in both dray and humid conditions, but i didnt say how to create those conditions.. getting 0/4 for that ey??
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    my multiple choice answers

    hmm i fked that up i think .. i said put the new and old plant in hot dry condition and wet humid condition (didnt say how) and record the observations everyday