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    First/placings in state

    Maybe they just do the major works for them.
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    How did you find the chem exam?

    All I can say is, thank God I am doing 12 units or else I would be screwed. I'm so annoyed, I worked so hard throughout the whole year and then they throw stupid questions on things we've never even learnt. And two questions on ppm? Wasn't one evil enough?
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    Game Over

    Not worried about: Eng Adv Paper 1 Eng Ext 1 Maths Modern Worried about: Paper 2 Chem Phys
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    The Department Says Relax

    Think of it this way: You've (presumably) worked throughout the year, so now it's just a matter of reviewing your work rather than learning it. Plus, you can only do what you are capable of. So if you don't get the mark you want, sure it'll be disappointing (I'll definitely be...
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    Re: First Preferences? BA (Languages) at USYD. Really want to get in. Yay for goals
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    Half yearly marks and ranks + thoughts

    So happy :) Maths 2u - 88% (1st) English Ext 2 - 100% (1st for this assessment, don't know about overall though) Chem - 92% (1st) Phys - 87% (1st overall) Eng Ext 1 - 100% (1st) Eng Ad - Don't know yet, but got full marks for the last assessment. Modern - 92% (1st)
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    Oh my GOD-- Week 10!

    Well I just spent the last three hours attempting to write a sonnet. How do other poets make it look so effortless? I just ended up making up my own rhyming pattern to make it easier.
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    Half yearly marks and ranks + thoughts

    Well the only mark that I know is ext 2 english viva voce -- full marks yay!!! and my maths teacher said I did very well. I'm just so glad exams are over now, time to relax.
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    2007 poetry B.O.W titles!

    I thought of my title before I'd actually started writing. But I had my concept and everything, so the title hasn't changed! Don't worry, my poetry is really crap at the moment, but I just write as much as I can so I have stuff to work with. Don't get too self-critical! Just keep going...