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    Past Paper Solutions

    Anyone know where i can get some past paper solutions
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    Hsc 2004 Q27 & 2005 Q19

    Q 19 i don't mind cos u just have to mentions newtons laws and how do they relate to space travel for spaceships if i get a q like 27 definately will be pulling out straws
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    Compare the model for the conduction of electricity in metals at room temperature with the model of the conduction of electricity in superconductors below the critical temperature
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    what exactly is conduction band?

    Yeh for N type semiconductors according to the hole theory there are more electrons than there are holes which means there's spare electrons which means it can conduct better as more electrons are moving from the valance band to the conduction band For P typle semiconductors there is more holes...
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    what exactly is conduction band?

    The band theory explains why semiconductors can conduct in some circumstances and the hole theory (with p and n ) explains how... im pretty sure thats right
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    i think that q has been asked already oldskoolkid
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    The slingshot effect is when space probes use a planet's gravitational pull as a velocity boost. the probe accelerates as its gets pulled by a planet's gravitational pull and then as it passes it reduces its speed relative to the planet but relative to the sun it has increased Describe...
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    Differences in AC and DC motors

    Ok that makes perfect sense now thanks
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    Differences in AC and DC motors

    I have difficult understanding how DC generators work. The principle for them to work is that When a coil of wire is moved through a magnetic field, the electrons in the wire are forced to move creating a current flow. I understand this but what i don't understand is how the coil of wire...
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    Differences in AC and DC motors

    Ok am i right in saying that motors convert electrical to mechanical energy and generators its vice versa where its concerts mechanical to electrical am i right in saying in dc motors an electric current flows through the wires of the rotor (armature) and this makes the armature spin which is...
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    Differences in AC and DC motors

    Ok i stumbled across the 2007 q 25 " A student claimed that a DC generator is an electric motor in reverse Analyse this claim with reference to structure and function of a simple DC motor generator and an electric motor" Help me
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    Urgent! Space II Help!

    2a) Delta Y = Uyt + .5ayt^2 20 = 4.9t^2 2.02 = t therefore Delta x = Uxt 25 = Ux (2.02) 12.376 = Ux
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    Differences in AC and DC motors

    ok let me gets this straight, The split ring allows for the rotor to continually rotate 360 degrees as if it wasn't for the split rings the rotor would rotate 180 then flip back? This maximises the torgue which allows for more current to be induced?... also alows for current to flow in one...
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    Differences in AC and DC motors

    Yes can u please explain the differences between the two for induction motors
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    Umm i think u should discuss how it developed to what it is now and whats the current definition of the principle of relatively I think u should how Galileo initially propose the theory of relatively by stating that "all steady motion is relative and cannot be detected without a reference to a...
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    Differences in AC and DC motors

    What are the differences in terms of structure for DC and AC motors
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    Exam Questions on Module C

    Can someone tell me what the previous exam questions on Module C were
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    Would I be shooting myself in the foot if I write about a snail for my creative?

    I thought its a great idea for a story. Might be a bit repetitive as the snail keeps getting thrown back. Probably think of different ideas that stop the snail from getting to the house would be better
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    The Thesis.

    I think your a little confused. In your introduction you include both your thesis and the texts you're going to us. I think you only have to mention your texts by name in your introduction...thats all.
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    You have to remember that domestic prices are higher than world prices. the introduciton of the subsidy allows domestic producers to produce(eg; investment for capital allowing for increased production), resulting in a reduction in domestic prices that allows them to be more competitive with the...