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    left early? WTF?

    With 40 minutes remaining, i was the second last person to leave the exam room (out of 15). Some people finished and left an hour into the exam.
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    [Option Topic] Software Developer's View of Hardware

    i thoughbt i was alright until the last rotten fingerprint question which cost me 6 marks :( btw does (a)(iii)1110-0111 = 0111?
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    Multiple Choice

    id tell my answers but chances are they are all wrong:(
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    Samuel Davis Book p345?

    yeah 55 makes sense, ok so it wasnt me lol Thanks very much for your help SamD :)
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    Samuel Davis Book p345?

    p345, Q3. The 8 bit two's complement of 45 is: (A)00110111 (B)00111000 (C)11001001 (D)11001000 whats the answer, i cant get the answer and i have a feeling its really easy thing that i missing? anyone that can help?:)
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    Good Luck Software 2003

    Thanks, Good luck everyone. I got no hope of a band 6 but it doesnt really bother me :)
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    How much did you write?

    quality + quantity dont mix im afraid, even i know that
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    How much did you write?

    Trust me, itz pretty obvious when someone writes bullshit. In my Trial Exam section III, i wrote just over 1 page and got 12/20. Quality is good
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    Estimate Your mark

    50% - 60% i dont want to aim too high
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    How much did you write?

    Section III: 5 pages Section IV: 5 pages quality not quantity. people who wrote more than 10 pages for each section are wasting their time, the markers time and paper.
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    This is what I think to get 20/20 in multis you needed.......

    19/20 and people still are unhappy about it. Your nuts! i got about 15 maybe less, but i aced the later part of the exam(worth about 80 marks). who gives a crap about 1 mark, lighten up :)
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    Q28d [Depreciation]

    didnt get to it, not enough time:(
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    Simpsons Rule??

    I got that question in my trial. it pissed me off. I forgot the solution although is very tricky from what i saw in my trial answer sheet:(
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    IPT Trial results...

    I got 45.5%. The highest was about 55% And yes my school fuckin sucks also and thats who i blame for my crappy mark!
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    CSSA : Got your marks back yet?

    I got 36/105 which was about average for year12 at my school. i know no one in my class got above 55/105 english sucks
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    Trial Marks for SDD

    Yeah i did no study, i didnt even know when the exam was on, i found out the day before lol will defently study foir the next examn!
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    Trial Marks for SDD

    Congrats to you all LOL i got 26% (10th out of 13) I got a lot of improving to do :)