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    I just registered to post this.

    You make it sound easy, but with no plan and under the stress of exams, you'll draw a blank. The HSC obviously isn't a mark of intelligence, it's a measure of who can play the game and memorise everything and re-write it. That's how it appeared to me. It's good that you recognise other pathways...
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    Is this a good thesis?

    Teachers don't want sophisticated language. It's been said to me that you should only use it, if it comes naturally to you. If you use big words, it can lose the meaning of what you're trying to say. Similarly, it could make the teacher require you to expand on it. I noticed in your...
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    Is "94"atar enough to go around boasting???

    No one cares about the ATAR because it's a flawed system. Equally, how well you do in your HSC (Atar) is no reflection to how smart you are in uni. The stuff you do in HSC is just basic. So don't boast because you'll struggle to make mates and lose out on the best part of uni - social aspect...
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    Why do people want to do Medicine?! Calling out 2012ers and 2013ers!

    Obviously people have to pursue this career, otherwise we would never develop in terms of medical stuff. However how anyone has an interest in this career is beyond me. I honestly believe some of those who choose it, are only doing it because they have a 99.95 ATAR and don't want to waste it...
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    Assesment worth 5%

    I understand your question. Give every assessment your best effort though; that's all you can do. I missed out on 2nd in Physics by 0.10% or something, if i had recieved a higher mark for that extra 5% within an assessment it would have changed everything...see what im saying. However if you...
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    What is your financial status?

    You rich motherfucker :P
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    Appealing for recheck

    Mate, i came out thinking i'd get 75-80. The fact is, i actually did, but my cohort affected me so much i ended up with 72. So before you ask for a re-check, think about whether your class could have effected your mark. (I got taken down, because half of them most likely recieved 20-30%, i also...
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    Will my school hold me back??

    Yes they will... i mean they will irrespective of ranks drag you down by 10-15 marks worst case if they perform badly. Essentially in terms of marks, you want all your classmates, and you to be close. What tends to happen is the lazy shits, will be brought up, while you will be brought down...
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    Is it possible I just got a really easy marker for a teacher?

    Look, I only realised this through my trials, that they have very strict marking criterias, and sometimes if yours is not a 100% word perfect they will deduct or give you nothing. I not sure how drama works, but for the other subjects involving Science it's partically applicable. Like one...
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    How did your parents react to your marks?

    At some of you: yes i know you want to impress your parents/ guardians. However, you shouldn't have been doing it for them, it's for yourself. Some parents need to understand, the HSC is a lot more difficult than what they did whether it be something else or the HSC. And im sick of this "Asian...
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    How did your parents react to your marks?

    You sure proved her wrong haha. Congrats mate, you deserve it.
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    How did your parents react to your marks?

    Angry 'For me' because they know i have been unfairly marked, and dragged down by the lazy buggers in my cohort.
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    Share your 2011 HSC results here

    You taking the piss?
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    Why tears are wasted on HSC results

    Completely true. It's like they are trying to devalue the effort and dedication some have put in, (regardless of results) - It frustrates me, because yeah some people do take it too seriously, but when you have put in several hours in everyday for the entire year, for some lazy mofo to play it...
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    Question :/

    okie dokey, so when they are shaping my external mark - firstly they will align it, but do they then take into account how your class went. So say after aligning my Physics mark was 82, but now it went down to 72 because my class went bad. Please clarify? Cheers.
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    Quick question on ATAR estimates using new HSC marks??

    Yes they are pretty accurate, within one maybe two of what you should recieve. This is because, when you place them in the calculator they are scaled, according to your aligned marks, and also to other subjects. It takes into consideration that a 90 in Food tech, is pesh, and an 80 in Physics or...
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    When do teachers get our results?

    I wish all teachers had the same level of dedication and attitude as you seem too. Frankly, I owe my school nothing, as they have contributed nothing nor helped me in any way (so therefore i will not inform them), but in fact made the HSC increasingly stressful, and difficult to overcome...
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    Because mate, you obviously didn't go as well as you expected. Life happens. I found that out today, with my previously sought band 6 subject, which ultimately placed me in band 4 - There is not much you can do. Ultimately, you'll bother with these results for a week or two, but the novelty will...
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    Do the maths buddy 78 + 8 = 86 94 -8 = 86 It's the same for everyone. 86 is still a good mark.
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    how screwed am i? atar estimate

    I dunno, you may may scrap in for a 60 - depending on how our state year goes. There is hope my friend.