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    best t.v show or movies 2 watch??

    definatel;y definately the OC!!! altho i think season 3s story lines are a bit lame so far...whats with charlotte...shes like a lesban version of oliver obsessed with kirsten...i like family guy and american dad haha they are the worst shows...and ive tried to fight it but i hafta admit csi: new...
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    REPRESENT Your High School Before 05 Ends

    represent...burwood girls aka hussies lol uai 110.75
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    General Thoughts: Ancient History 2005

    i thought it was pleased my 2 essay qs were in different sections ! not so happy with personality section...and the time period was okay but i was sitting before my exam trying 2 work out why i had 5 booklets instead of 4 lol
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    Who's the YOUNGEST 2005 HSC Student in here?

    my friend skipped a year and will be turning 17 on november 16th...poor girl cant go out anywhere hahaha
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    Mulitple choice answers

    my answers 1. d 2. b 3. c 4. b 5. a 6. b 7. a 8. c 9. c 10. a 11. b 12. c 13. a 14. a 15. d 16. d 17. c 18. d 19. d 20. a im hoping that most of these are right... what was with the options questions!!
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    Anyone else totally fucked?

    ye im totally gunna rock this exam...NOT!!! haha maybe i shouldve listened in class...
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    year 12 muckup days

    welcome to gnomeland at our school we got over 200 garden gnomes and went in @ night...we glued the gnomes down to the floor in the playground, in trees, on the gym and hall roof... then we got there the next m,orning and the vice-principle had taken them ALL down!! except for the ones on the...
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    what irritates you in the HSC exams?!?!

    pigeons we have all these horny pigeons that sit in the roof of our hall and the noise they make...well okay im juvenille but its kinda funny but so distracting!
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    Module A: Compartive Study of Texts and Context

    good questions... im so glad the questions were straight forward - usually i have no idea what theyre asking!! and that they were plain stupid 3 person transcripts like in our trial!! .... btw is anyone else planning 2 have a bonfire? ...die english!!
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    how many pages for section 3 (extended response)?

    what a hoot! *sigh* thanks for a message that made me laugh! i couldnt believe i wrote 9 the most ive ever done before is 5
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    me too! yep i picked that.... he emphasises lies through media, uses text and visuals...things like that
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    Livestrong Bands

    does anyone know where u can get these bands or similar ones? i looove them but cant order off the net...
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    Sports Med...taping??

    ask a physio if you can, ask a physio to demonstarte it to u...and get some tape sso u can practise @ home or on friends..
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    is n e 1 going to Syd Uni Ancient History Study Day on 25th June???

    im going! class is going 2. what school are u from?
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    Hatchepsut Help!!!

    could anyone help me with this please?? ** factors that contributed to hatchepsuts rise to prominence ** the purpose and extent of hatchepsuts building program ** hatchepsuts achievements
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    Show On Abc Sunday Nite 7.30

    sorry this is a bit late but theres a show on ancient egypt - channel 2 sunday nite 7.30 - 8.30... next sunday will be the final of a four part series.
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    HELP!! lion/witch/wardrobe and coleridge

    how does the lion the witch and the wardrobe relate to coleridges the rime of the ancient mariner??? i need urgent help!
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    School / Subject

    school? sorry i couldnt be bothered reading 23 pages i go 2 burwood girls does anyone else from here go there?