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    The book thief- help

    I've chosen this text for module c.. I want to know any ideas on why liesel is encourages or motivated to learn how to read and enrich her education? Is it because she wants to broaden her knowledge about her world? But isn't she too young to know that education will lead to a wider...
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    general human rights question

    if a state is party to the ILO then does that mean the state must comply with its laws and if it violates any of them, it is liable for conviction or sanction? When i say party i mean signed and ratified it into domestic law
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    human rights question

    i don't know if anyone's heard of this but has the resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly called 'a world fit for children' been passed but the UN security council? I want to know if this resolution is binding yet or not because it was adopted by the general assembly in 2002..
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    educating rita help

    what has made Frank so disillusioned and dissatisfied with his life?
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    question on educating rita

    if u were to describe Frank's change by the end of the play broadly, how would you? like i know he became more confident and stuff, but he didn't change like Rita who had a reason and determination to change. I guess i'm trying to ask why did Frank change? what did he change from and into?
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    minimum working hours for children?

    sorry i meant maximum working hours for children.. does the ILO or some other international organisation lay down the maximum working hours of children? like a guide or recommendation for member countries?
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    what are some reasons behind states not being able to enforce human rights?

    my question is more directed to developing nations, for example is the financial/ economic cost of enforcing them? political coruption?
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    does child labour breach this piece of legislation?

    does child labour violate article 25 of the UDHR which states 'Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the...
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    International law and state compliance is confusing me!!

    if the UN Security Council has the power to 'restore international peace and security' (which makes it the strongest body of the UN) then why has it allowed for so many human rights violations to occur? like child labour, human trafficking, atrocities occurring in North Korea..? what i don't...
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    how come international laws don't prevent various human rights violations?

    most states would be party to a treaty or organisation which covers various human rights laws. For example, states party to the UN will have to comply with its laws, and if violated, it may be subject to conviction or a sanction. So if such laws are available, and with most countries party to...
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    is international customary law binding, and if so on who?

    is international customary law similar to domestic customary law, where a concept or value is established over a long period, and is eventually made into law because the majority of society hold those values? also is international customary law binding on states, and if so how so they become...
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    question on human rights topic?

    thanks so much that helped a lot! i'll do a bit more research now and hopefully it'll all make better sense:)
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    question on human rights topic?

    ooh okay that makes sense. So a country would have to recognise a jurisdiction for it to be liable under particular international laws? So in the end we have all these international laws and human rights, but ultimately they would only apply to states who recognise them in their domestic laws...
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    is international customary law binding, and if so on who?

    i've heard its only binding on UN members but is it restricted to UN members only?
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    are human rights the same as child rights under international law

    Do human rights apply to children the same way it does to adults or are there exceptions and additional laws protecting them? For example the ILO covers certain labour rights, but do the same rights apply to children?
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    Child labour a human rights violation under CROC definition?

    Under the convention on the rights of the Child (CROC) article 32. 1, child labour is defined as 'economic exploitation and performance of any work that is likely to be hazardous to or to interfere with the child's education, or to be harmful to the child's physical, mental, spiritual, moral or...
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    question on human rights topic?

    thanks for your reply :) so whether the state is violating human rights depends on its party to the UN or international treaties? and if they were party, would they be subject to potential conviction by the ICC?
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    question on human rights topic?

    if a state does not have a particular human right ratified in their domestic law, but that human right is covered by international law, then is the state required to ratify that law into domestic law? I was reading a human rights issue on child marriage, but i was thinking, how could it be a...
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    Legal Studies Useful Books & Websites List

    Do you know which hsc legal studies textbook is the best? I've heard Cambridge is good but there are two types so I'm confused on which one is the best?
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    Law Reform

    The parliaments are involved in law reform by passing or not passing Bills in the Upper and Lower house. But I'm confused on what the difference between the Labour, Liberal and Green parties are. i.e. on the subject of same sex marriage, why is the Liberal against it, and who makes these...