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    Crime Fiction

    i absolutely rooted it! that text you had to incorporate really screwed me! i must have refered to it three times tops! and just in passing like: "The psychological thriller, "The Tell Tale Heart", as in the given text ... blah blah blah" and that was the extent of it! my creative thing was...
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    Basic Thoughts & Opinions on Music 1

    singer: i hate composition and viva! i just wanna perform! i did 4 performances: 1. Walk on By - Burt Bacharach 2. Cheek to Cheek - Louis Armstrong 3. How Come You Don't Call Me? - Alicia Keys 4. Drive - Bic Runga that exam was really annoying! they didn't ask about contrast or variation...
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    Relationships & HSC

    I'm doing my hsc this year and i've had 5 boyfriends (not a hoe i promise!) but the last one i am so in love with. we were really serious and everything was so perfect. he's just starting yr 12 now (long story) and on sunday night he broke up with me because he wants to concentrate on his school...
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    jeezus! you guys are going hard! i'm all proud of myself if i actually do a whole 2 hours or so! and i do the bludgiest study ever. I don't remember anything, just copy it out! it wont stay in my head! i can't concentrate for this long! I would like to announce that i am officially screwed for...
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    Who's the YOUNGEST 2005 HSC Student in here?

    wow! that's young! i keep complaining coz i'm not 18 til may 5th next year! I gotta tell my friend lena! she always reckons she's the youngest person ever coz she turned 17 on 24th september! two days after we finished school!
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    Underaged people at Schoolies..

    I'm going with my mates and there are 10 of us, 5 of which (including me) will be 17 still. But i reckon that with 5 of us we'll be sweet and just get trashed in our room and then go nuts running around surfers. i hope to have the awesomest time ever! Hope to see every1 there!
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    Attention All Schoolies Goers...A Lesson...

    yes it is a miricle that someone else is as inexperienced and idiotic as yourself. Reading through this forum has made me really angry and i'm going to have my 2 cents now: 1)I am one of "those" going to schoolies to get off my face, be stupid and hook up alot. However, I do not plan on...