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    Best ping pong paddle for spin

    The response provides options for selecting an outdoor pro ping pong paddle, which should be durable and weather-resistant. Some recommended options include the STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Set, JOOLA Outdoor Pro Table Tennis Paddle, Kettler HALO Outdoor Table Tennis Paddle, and Butterfly Timo...
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    IMAX 3D or Real3D?

    Did anyone see "both" the IMAX 3D and Real3D versions of the trailer? If so, which looked better in your opinion? I'm really trying to decide which version I am going to watch for the midnight screening. Any response would be greatly appreciated.
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    Food Processor or stand mixer?

    Actually it depends on your specific needs what food processor or stand mixer would be the best fit, but I believe these Cuisinart DFP-14CRM offers the greatest value These product works well, comes with a good warranty, and does not dance around on your worktop! It's manufacture includes small...
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    Tenor Ukulele?

    I have this Hricane UKS-3 classical guitar and it is nice. Highly recommend these for both beginners and experienced players. It’s simply a lovely instrument with high quality alto sound. Good for adult size players. I’d say teenagers and up will find the uke easy to carry.
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    Table Tennis blade for each type of Playing?

    What is the best blade in each category? like For Looping, Blockers, Offensive Player, Best Control, Best Speed, Carbon, All Wood? I am an offensive type of player would be awesome to find the best blade for me!!
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    Help me to choose best piano.

    Hello everyone, I've a friend who is passionate about playing Piano and his birthday is in next month so, I am planning to surprise him with a beautiful piano but the problem is I'm not bound with any music interest ever since my childhood. Can anyone help me to find the right piano to buy? I...
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    Isn’t Yu-Gi-Oh a kid’s game?

    Looking for your opinion guys!!
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    Isn’t Yu-Gi-Oh a kid’s game?

    I haven’t seen any thread for this here, but the TCG YuGiOh has been making rounds in the gaming community when an official simulator titled Master Duel just released for all platforms F2P. I remember this game was for kids with a cartoon marketed at such, but seeing some of it on Twitch and...
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    Any good shows/movies?

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    Godzilla Vs King Kong

    Voted here for King kong
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    DT NEA coursework examples

    Going into Year 11 and I'm currently on the design development section which I'm struggling on. Where can I find DT coursework online? If anyone is willing to send me their coursework, that would be amazing Also, is it mandatory to make 3D models of your final designs? My DT teacher hasn't...
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    Popcorn flavours

    well said guys!!
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    Will I ever find love?

    hmm so hot!!
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    is this normal

    maybe not
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    Easy Piano Songs for my kids?

    Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Any beginner will love playing this children’s classic on the piano. One of the great things about this song is that almost every note is played twice in a row, meaning there are fewer notes for your child to locate.
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    Popcorn flavours

    Basically, I got a Joe and Stephs popcorn maker for Christmas. Been having good fun with it. I finally figured out why my old popcorn maker didn't taste quite as good (I needed to add melted butter). Anyway, does anyone have any good suggestions for flavours to try out with the popcorn apart...