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    Misadventure/ illness Appeal

    heyy! just wondering how do you apply for this disadvantaged scheme?
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    well i only applied for Nexia Court. I was going to apply for KPMG, but i thought it would be easier to get into Nexia Court because I think most people applied in the "big 4" firms
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    So when you completed your application form. How long did you wait till they called you up?
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    Hey did anyone apply for a cadetship in Nexia Court (a much smaller firm compared to the Big 4). My friend recieved a rejection letter, but i haven't yet. Do you think there is a chance that I could be on the waiting list? . Please reply, cause ive been pretty anxious since i sent my application...
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    so u think i should call uts tommrow?
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    heyy everyone .. well I applied a cadetship in Nexia Court . although i didnt get any calls from them i recieved a sms from UTS Bacc of ACc . When i checked my email i couldn't find any messages from them . It's been 3 weeks since i received the sms . Do u think i should ring up Uts, Nexia...
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    anyone doing japan

    well just wondering whose doing japan as their national study? .. where did you guys get ur notes from? ..and how many essays do u attempt each week on Japan?
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    How many essays do u attempt a week?

    What do u mean past exam papers? ..the new syllabus was implemented in 2001 so does that mean i gotta do questions in the old syllabus?
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    How many essays do u attempt a week?

    Well this generally concerns anyone doing modern history.. how many essays do you guys attempt each week leading up to the HSC? .. and to anyone out there doing Japan as their national study is there any textbooks on Japan from 1904-1937 ? ..THANKS!
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    Section II - National Study / Personality

    does anyone have any more information on hirihito's role during the 1940's
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    hey i was just wondering if anyone is doing japan 1904-1937 as their national study because i cant find much notes on the seyukai and genro or anything related to japan between 1904-1937 thanks!