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    ees revision work

    i luv that site, i used it for my assessment tasks =)
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    EES pracs!!!!!!!

    i seriously doub that they would ask for specifics, as the dot point states, 2 animals and 2 plants, no specifics really : /
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    ees revision work

    oh, and it also dosent have any options : / good thing we spent a while going thru each dot point in class hope it pays 0ff =)
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    ees revision work

    yeah it is pretty good, but i HATE column 3's stupid col 3's, why make us work for! lol
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    EES pracs!!!!!!!

    was it the one where u put stuff in a plastic bottle, waste that is, and then eventually, gases form, and then u light it to test for gases its called a bioreactor i think, we did that
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    is this thread dead?

    prolly, not many do EES, i think last year it was about 1k that did it : /
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    Additional Material text types for the Exam

    i do crime fiction and im using a conventional short story, and a parady movie of crime fiction conventions
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    Used the name "John Smith"

    i used 123 fake street as my address =)
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    Powerplay qn

    i did 4 texts myself have 2 main ones, and then 2 others to back up my thesis frads is that u?
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    Conversation - Names

    george and philip, based on real charcters, eventually i got bored of writing their full names so i changed to G and P ;)
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    Powerplay qn

    lol, i just wrote by easy, about machiavellian principles behind power, and that no1 is wise enuff to be trusted with unlimited power, and then added in stuff like, this text shows that when sum1 is in a "situation" to acheive power, they will do anything to get it, lol i had no idea : /
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    EASIEST PAPER EVER! what were they thinking?g?

    haha, yeah pretty easy really
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    Cool MH is over! :)

    the exam, i thought overall was pretty easy, but the questions were pretty specifi, cept for WW1 of course, so i feel like a wasted time studying all the stuff that wasnt there, lol how i went in the exam hinges on my A/I question, if i go good in that i think i went well =) the sources...
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    Albert speer

    i wrote a booklet for each, those questions were a Godsend, caus i stuided em in the morning lol ;) they were much easier then i had expected, thought they woudl be something really specific : / coulda wrote more, but really ran outta tym : /
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    Easier than trial??

    trial was harder with germany but HSC germany was tonnes easy HSC WW1 sources were pretty hard : /, but the and ur knowledge parts, the first bit, compared to our trtial, the catholic paper A/I question was TONNES harder : /
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    Arab-Israeli Question!

    i know EXACTLY what u mean i did the 2nd one, at first i thought id be part a, but then i saw the dates 1948-1973 wtf can u talk about there, suez crisis, and then ummm lol, lil yom kippur but thats really it 2nd part wasnt too bad, but again it was pretty specific, if the time frames...
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    Source C.. what the?

    i talked about how it was a propaganda source war weariness had set in by 1917, which was when the the photo was taken, no1 is gonna be smiling, and selling biscuits ;) btw, yes the photo was a big what the, and i was surprised by its presence : /
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    The Dreaded Feature Article

    i wrote almost 2 booklets on that, added in quotes on the top of pages like ive seen in magazines and newspapers b4, and a heading, after that it was just an essay really :D is it just me or is this picture really awesome? :chainsaw: hehehe
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    Used the name "John Smith"

    i use Ray Dezrule which has an alternate meaning, I.E raiders rule hehe, subtle =)