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    Extension 2 dance

    Are you kidding...You don't become a solicitor from doing legal studies in your HSC. So I've compared it for you... Probably the same percentage of people that do legal studies in the HSC who actually decide to persue a career in law.
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    Extension 2 dance

    Yeah see that's the thing, I don't need to. English tends to come a bit more naturally, and unless you do both, don't judge. Why repeat a subject I did well in? If you did do dance and told me you breezed through it, I would accept your argument. As for calling me dumb, I wouldn't have thought...
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    Extension 2 dance

    These kinds of people are exactly who I was aiming my previous comments at. Dance is an artform dating back thousands of years. If you remove dance would you also remove other artforms such as drama, visual arts and music? Naivity is the problem here because you obviously know nothing about...
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    Ruby Moon

    Everybody's analysis will be different which is why you need evidence to back it up. But this is what I think: Ray and Sylvie are all of the characters. In the play, one female and one male actor is used to portray all of the characters which I think is a metaphor for the characters being all...
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    Extension 2 dance

    Haha how lovely of you to spend your time checking my typo's. I am trying to get you all to understand how difficult I fould the course to be, coming from the highest scoring HSC dance school, to possibly make you understand it isn't just dancing around the room and having a good time.
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    Extension 2 dance

    There is, it's called Call back. Last year it was held at Newtown school of the performing arts, but I think it changes. How it works is every dance piece that receives %100 in the HSC is nominated, and then they are taped and sent away. The best of the best are then chosen for show.
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    Extension 2 dance

    Lol extension dance. Does not exist. I do dance, and BTW, it does scale quite well if you put the work in and is an extremely difficult subject. For all the people with their sarcastic comments, let me put it into perspective - I do advanced english and it was a breeze compared to dance. You...
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    YAY we're on the news

    Amelia? If you're not how awkward lol. It was so funny, they showed a close up shot of my hand pretending to write on the paper and if you had have seen the paper, it was imaginary writing :) hehehe
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    Early Entry, Who got in?

    I thought I'd be the only one! I applied for B Communication and Media but only got a conditional offer for B Arts which I hadn't applied for n it was on my preferences... so really confused I rang them n they said I didnt meet the requirements. So I'm still confused. Can I put communication...