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    catholic trial marking

    are catholic trials marked externally, or by the school that you go to?
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    specific or generic question?

    is there any way of knowing if the extension one questions this year will be specific or generic? by that I mean, in 2009 for example, the essay question was specific to each sub-elective: e.g. after the bomb had a different question to romanticism and navigating the global but in 2010 they...
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    Rankings and Subject Selection.

    what is PASS?? everyone is talking about it
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    Attn all french cont. Students!

    I agree- french continuers is just that, a continuers course. Why don't you take french beginners instead? it is written as a course for beginners? I've heard it's a great course as well.
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    Choosing HSC subjects

    Thanks for all your help guys! This website is so useful!:haha:
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    Subject Selection Dilemma

    scaling's overrated, there's no point in choosing chem just because it scales well if you don't like it as much as something else! If you want to do law, focus on humanities-- definitely modern. Legal isn't a necessity- it's kind of a non subject if you ask me. Everything you learn in that you...
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    Who is afraid they won't get their subjects?

    I would choose business studies or IPT-- but of your choices, that is so dodgy! What the hell are half of those subjects anyway?
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    Latin results?

    Ravenswood came 2nd in 2008 in continuers
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    Choosing HSC subjects

    Languages have always been my best subjects!
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    Choosing HSC subjects

    Hi, i know there are so many posts like this one, but I would really like some advice from all of you about my subject choices for next year. They are due in a week, so I really need to decide! I want to do Arts/Law at Sydney Uni so based on current demand I am aiming for an ATAR of 99.5+! My...