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    bad drama teacher?

    can you speak to the HT? or Deputy? about your concerns
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    Costume IP

    Hi all Has anyone given you a good explanation regarding the difference between the renderings & preliminary sketches? just how much detail is supposed to go into the "preliminary sketches" for the four additional costumes? :confused:
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    peer reviewed articles/essays

    Thanks so much Queenroot !!! :smile:
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    peer reviewed articles/essays

    Hi struggling with where to look for peer reviewed articles/essays. Can you refine your search on Google Scholar? thanks !!!!:cry:
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    Frank Hurley The Who Made History AOS Discovery discussion

    Hi, :wavey: Wondering if any of you who are studying Frank Hurley in AOS Discovery want to start this as a discussion thread? We are working through the Cohen Curricular study guide. - anyone else using this? I get the whole manipulation of images - is it art or history thing, the...
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    Who's doing VET IT tomorrow?

    Hi, Just wondering how everyone is going with study for VET IT tomorrow? I'm doing Network & Hardware stream :wavey:
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    IDT - Networking and Hardware

    our trial was fair. how was yours @cbear1236?
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    IDT - Networking and Hardware

    doing past papers, going over notes. Anyone got any guesses as to what will be in it? :haha:
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    Multimedia Folio's

    This is awesome :awesome:
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    Multimedia Prelim Past Papers?

    I know @Flop21 cheers :biggrin:
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    Preliminary Past Papers

    Any Industrial Technology Multimedia?
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    Multimedia Prelim Past Papers?

    anyone? :jump:
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    Multimedia Prelim Past Papers?

    Hi, anyone have a link to any Multimedia Prelim past papers please? or are you just using relevant q's from HSC past papers? cheers
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    Past Papers

    Thank you :wavey:
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    a bit of essasy help please?

    Would you include the Skills of Mgt? • interpersonal (people) • communication • strategic thinking • vision • problem solving and decision making • flexibility and adaptability to change • reconciling the conflicting interests of stakeholders
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    Cheapest portable hard drive $79 with free shipping :awesome: