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    Communication Option

    e) was worth 7 marks... i wrote 2 pages
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    Did anyone do Witness?

    This sounds like a pretty good response. We learnt alot about the characters, as well as techniques so I was able to use the techniques that he used to show how Weir used Samuels decisions as a means of shaping the film.. No need to stress, you cant change it now :jump:
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    isosceles triangles

    Dammit it took me foreva on that question and I couldnt do it
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    Belonging Creative Writing Ideas

    i was actually thinking about doing mine from the perspective of a young child who is from a family of abuse and what not, and talk about how they are taken away from their family and how they struggle but eventually find a sense of belonging. What do you think of that>?
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    Songs about Belonging?

    Concrete angel and Gods Will - both by martina mcbride