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    Yo, so I received an email saying my inbox was full. I'm literally never on. Just received the...

    Yo, so I received an email saying my inbox was full. I'm literally never on. Just received the email. Hit me up with a PM.
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    Need to get into UWS (help)

    Sometimes if you're slightly under the atar cut off requirement for the course, you could contact the relevant School and express your interest. You may still be able to get into the course even if you're like a point or so under.
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    Bachelor of Construction Management, anyone currently doing this course?

    Hi there! Probably best to contact the university or the relevant School at the university. I don't do the course, but a friend of mine does. He loves the course, it's at Blacktown campus. He says that it provides him with the hands on experience along with the theoretical aspect of it. There is...
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    Petition: Against the new proposed tutorial system!!

    This is all over facebook also. The new proposed system doesn't sound bad at all. Honestly, I think it's worth looking at the email that UWS sent out about how it will be implemented and what this means for students. A lot of universities have this system and it sounds great! No more first in...
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    B Sci (Avd), B Sci whats the difference? Entry into Med

    Hey there. I'm not really sure to be honest because I don't do anything science related at uni. I think your best point of contact would be studentcentral. They're great. They will be able to provide you with all the information you need regarding differences in degrees etc. Check out these...
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    Information tech & business commerce double degree

    I do the Business and Commerce degree. I think what I can tell you about that degree is that you learn pretty much the same as any other university will offer. The teachers have great outside of class contact times and you really feel like they care. I have heard that other universities don't...
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    Natural ways to increase bust?

    Ummm....I don't think so. I mean I could troll you back and say "eat more chicken"... Try google, google is great. It has answers to first world problems.
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    UWS college with a mystery mark?

    It's best to contact UWS College. It really depends on supply and demand. If your friend is achieving those marks, then getting the cut off of 45-50 is a bit out of reach unless said friend pulls their socks up for the final HSC exams. But yep best point of contact would be UWS College. All the...
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    Medical Science - A lil help please

    if you go to the uws connect book store website and type those subjects in, you may find the compulsory textbook names pop up, usually as the first tb on the list. A couple of my friends do medical science at uws and they love it. A lot of people that I know tend to apply to do medicine...
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    I think it would be best to contact StudentCentral who would be able to give you all the information and advice you need. You could email them or call them. They're pretty helpful.
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    Ways to get into Law and Early Entry questions

    Hi, not really sure how early entry works to be honest, but I know that the atar for law is slightly above 9. UWS gas the tripe advantage scheme and u can read more about that on their website or ring the StudentCentral hepline and they will be able to answer all your questions.uWS open day is...
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    UWSC Foundation studies Sem2 2013

    Hi, if you're worried about the social aspect of it, UWS offers a program called Mates@UWS which is a great way to meet people on your campus who may be in the same course as you or the same year of study as you. They organise social events and provide advice on how to handle workload and point...
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    UWS Hawkesbury Accommodation

    You pay for internet service separately and you can get a cheaper plan or a more expensive plan depending on your internet needs. Im pretty sure however, that all campuses with 'dorms' provide a central place where you could study and use the internet. Check this website for more information...
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    Internal Transfer advice

    The best option would be to speak from someone at Student central. In my personal opinion however, with a GPA of less than a pass, it would be difficult to transfer into Engineering. Usually need at least a credit to transfer between courses. You can email or call student central who may then...
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    How to add electives

    Hi, so you have the unit number right? Press control c. Now open up your MySR Click on enrolment Click on the 2013 units of enrolment You will get this arrow thing showing afterwards...with stuff like unit sets, unit selection etc. Click on Unit Selection Go to the bottom of the page where it...
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    WSU Chatter Thread

    Re: UWS Chatter Thread Yes, you get to keep the iPad. On another note, Honours v Masters?
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    Which notebooks to buy? Plz help, im 1st yr student

    Agree with ilikecats, divider books work miracles! :) I tend to just use a normal exercise book, I just label crap as tutorial, lecture or seminar.
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    Buying first year business and commerce textbooks!!

    try websites like and eBay. Helped me out. I know, I buy a lot of my books second hand also :) All the best for uni and I hope you find those books soon. If I find them, I'll post the link here for you!
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    How to deal with not being able to attend a lecture?

    Wow, I thought that they usually give consideration and allow you to change class if the two classes which you are registered in are clashing. Everything that previous posters have said is pretty much spot on. Tutes cover the previous week's material. To be honest, recorded lectures are pretty...
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    Swizzle's Love Thread - Post anonymous messages to your secret crush

    Happy valentines day :) I wish I was able to get the night off work tomorrow so that I could spend it with you as planned :"(