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  1. Huratio

    Summer session queries

    @justinkeg: I agree with princess_neko's comment. also, all subjects are different in terms of hrs and times during the week - you can get block formats (i.e. 6 days with 7hrs in the day) or formats where you attend 2 lectures/tutorials a week. keep in mind that summer is 2 months only and is...
  2. Huratio

    Exams- discussion- venting

    Everyone pretty much gets a handful of weekend exams through their degree, it is the luck of the exam timetable.. Some people like exams in the morning and some at night, you can't impress everyone.
  3. Huratio

    UAC Search

    The UAC course search has never been that good. If you really want to search for UTS courses, you should check out the UTS Handbook. Here is the link: UTS: Handbook 2010
  4. Huratio

    business degree

    Business at UTS is USYD's equivalent commerce degree. You will notice that the Technology universities have modernised their course names and called it a Business degree.
  5. Huratio

    Summer subjects

    Same as what the subject would cost in the autumn and spring semester. There is no difference in cost.
  6. Huratio

    Summer subjects

    Taxation Law and Financial Statement Analysis are the other two that normally get summer classes. As princess_neko said, it is around October that summer school subjects will be listed. My advice is to enrol early as there are always limited number of seats available.
  7. Huratio

    Business Stats 26134 - Does an open book exam mean any notes you like?

    Correct. I think my lecturer (back in 2007) said you could bring a picture of your mum if it helps you =p
  8. Huratio

    Business Stats 26134 - Does an open book exam mean any notes you like?

    So along with your textbook or lecture slides, you can bring in anything written. So, yes, any notes you like.
  9. Huratio

    General UTS chit-chat

    Re: The UTS 'Get Naked and Secks!!' Thread Wasn't I in those first 100 pages of the thread? I'm still here =)
  10. Huratio

    General UTS chit-chat

    Re: The UTS 'Get Naked and Secks!!' Thread They were just notes she wrote, right?
  11. Huratio

    The UTS 'Places to Eat + Things to Do' Thread

    UTS: City campus map - University of Technology, Sydney Re: The Glasshouse. I have to agree with some of the above comments. Why go to a very bad bar with stale and a poor selection of beer when you can just walk across the road to the Broadway Bar. Not saying that Broadway Bar is quality...
  12. Huratio

    Dead at Kuring-gai 2010

    The former Carlton Broadway site? Construction has been placed on hold due to the GFC. There was going to be new development blocks, a park and a massive parking space. Nothing to do with UTS from what I've read.
  13. Huratio

    General UTS chit-chat

    Re: The UTS 'Get Naked and Secks!!' Thread You have to go to a group interview type session. When recruiting is open, an email is generally sent to all students advising of it.
  14. Huratio

    UTS Travel Concession Stickers for 2010????

    UTS used to send out new student IDs each year, but they stopped that a couple of years ago. Now, your student ID has to last for your whole course at UTS, unless you are willing to pay $25 (i think) for a replacement one.
  15. Huratio

    Summer session queries

    You might be able to do the transcript thing a couple of days before they are released. Pretty sure it worked when I did summer last year.
  16. Huratio

    General UTS chit-chat

    Re: The UTS 'Get Naked and Secks!!' Thread Uni hasn't really started yet.. so that is probably why. What is everyone up to in their uni break?
  17. Huratio

    Recording lectures

    If you get Peter Wells in ASR or FSA, those lectures will be recorded. As tehpyro said, most lectures are not recorded. The idea is to download the lecture slides beforehand, attend the lectures and take notes. Lecturers are generally worried that students will just listen to recordings as a...
  18. Huratio

    25115 - Economics for business

    I also got 1 page summaries from my tutor, and getting into the application tutorial classes were good (discussions on newspaper articles applying your knowledge). Honestly I didn't use the textbook much either, and I got a HD for it. It really helps if you did Economics in the HSC.
  19. Huratio


    Was a list of what you need to bring sent to you with your offer? From what I can remember, you need photo ID, and a completed Commonwealth Assistance Form (which you now done online, so u might not need to bring it at all).
  20. Huratio

    25115 - Economics for business

    Not sure what the course progression programs are as detailed in the textbook. You can view a subject description here for this subject: UTS:25115 Economics for Business - Business,UTS Handbook 2010 You will also receive a detailed subject guide in your first lecture which confirms the...