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  1. NegativeBeauty was our first week of uni?

    I tried to get to Werrington South but got lost in Kingswood on orientation. haha
  2. NegativeBeauty was our first week of uni?

    Werrington South =)
  3. NegativeBeauty was our first week of uni?

    Well vUWS has decided to tell me I have things past due. The due date was 06/04/11. I would have still been in school then. haha
  4. NegativeBeauty

    Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications) - Penrith

    Anyone doing this course out there? Would like to try and get to know some people! :jump:
  5. NegativeBeauty


    Anyone here going to Penrith orientation? Particularly Werrington South? =3
  6. NegativeBeauty

    Orientation and Course Planning~

    My course doesn't have a course planning session; and I haven't heard of academic advising session? I'd also like to know what that is. I'm shit scared of public transport, I haven't been on it alone before. lol
  7. NegativeBeauty

    UWS Roll Call 2012

    Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication)
  8. NegativeBeauty

    Information Techonology was a joke...

    Yep, all done in report format and you should be fine. Loved the shake the computer bit; think some teachers at my school WOULD do that.
  9. NegativeBeauty

    Supervisors consistancy questions.

    1. In Paper 2 we had to write: English (Advanced) 2 or English (Standard) 2. 2. We then had to write the name of the text we used on the front, they said anywhere would do. 3. They never mentioned anything to us other than only write your student number. 4. Good question! I have no idea.
  10. NegativeBeauty

    Atar of 65.

    Study and try your hardest, you will find out in the end =)
  11. NegativeBeauty

    quick question

    Thank you, I also needed to know!
  12. NegativeBeauty

    Do you have to wear school uniform for your HSC exams?

    We do ours there too, theres an upstairs private room that we do it in. Only bad thing is that it's next to the chinese restaurant.
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    Do you have to wear school uniform for your HSC exams?

    Nope. Our exams are at the local RSL club.
  14. NegativeBeauty

    Asthma Puffer

    Ok, thankyou =)
  15. NegativeBeauty

    Asthma Puffer

    Guess we might have to ask the supervisors on the day then. =/
  16. NegativeBeauty

    Asthma Puffer

    So, would I be allowed to have my Asthma puffer on my desk? If I needed to use it would I have to leave the exam for a second or just use it at my desk?
  17. NegativeBeauty

    End of Exams

    Find the closest source of chocolate. Eat.