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  1. shaon0

    Selling FINS1612 and FINS3616 textbook.

    Selling Viney’s (2012) Financial Institutions, Instruments and Markets, 6th Edition (essentially the same as the 7th Edition) for $50 and K. Butler's Multinational Finance 4th Edition for $45. Both textbooks are in near pristine condition as they have been barely opened.
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    The UNSW Textbook Buy/Sell Thread

    Selling fins1612 for $90. In new condition, essentially.
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    Selling fins1612 textbook

    Hey guys, I'm selling Financial Instruments and Markets 6Ed by Viney Christopher. It's basically in brand new condition as I didn't use it much. Selling for $90 [RRP: $128.66 SAVE: $38.66 (30%)]
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    HSC 2012 MX2 Marathon (archive)

    Re: 2012 HSC MX2 Marathon d(f'(x))=∂f'/∂x dx =df'/dx dx = f"(x) dx
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    HSC 2012 MX2 Marathon (archive)

    Re: 2012 HSC MX2 Marathon 8?
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    MATH1151 Asoc Prof Womersley and Tran - Actuarial Studies

    Tran is pretty good and a nice guy in general. But pretty busy with his research and the related so he's not always available for chats in his off time. Not all round a nice guy...and accent isn't really a problem. Textbook isn't essential for any maths subject even up till 3rd year.
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    B Commerce and Science (adv. Math)

    I'd recommend finishing the core comm courses and then trying actl1001. If you like it, stay with actl as your major. If you don't like it, you can try finance or accting. From freinds doing actl and my own experience, actl's not that hard if you want to get around cred or above but requires a...
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    Pure Vs Applied Mathematics

    I was thinking of doing Pure Maths till the end of 2nd yr but know probably more oriented towards Applied Maths as it's more applicable to real world phenomena than pure.
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    Hi all, I'm selling the following textbooks: - ACCT1501: Financial Accounting: An Integrated Approach by Trotman, K. & Gibbins, M. [Prescribed text] & Sam's Surfshop [Supplementary Text] for $55 (RRP: $108.86. Save: $53.86) [SOLD] - FINS1612: Viney’s (2008) Financial Institutions, Instruments...
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    Hey man, sorry don't go on much anymore. I've got a couple people who want it for $45. It's in...

    Hey man, sorry don't go on much anymore. I've got a couple people who want it for $45. It's in essentially perfect condition. Only used a couple of times at most.
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    UNSW textbooks

    ECON1101: Principles of Microeconomics 2nd Ed: $50 (RRP: $112.46) (SAVE: 56%) [Pretty good condition, no highlighting] [SOLD]
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    binomial help please (from fitzpatrick)

    A=(sqrt(x-1)+1))^5-(sqrt(x-1)-1)^5 Let u=sqrt(x-1): A=(u+1)^5-(u-1)^5 =(u^5+5u^4+10u^3+10u^2+5u^2+1)-(u^5-5u^4+10u^3-10u^2+5u-1) =10u^4+20u^2+2 [All odd degrees cancel] =2(5u^4+10u^2+1) =2(5(x-1)^2+10(x-1)+1) =2(5x^2-4)
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    EXT1 Maths Revision Thread

    I know how to use LaTeX, I just opt for the normal language as its faster.
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    EXT1 Maths Revision Thread

    You're also wrong. Last part of my soln was typed incorrectly. Solution is the 2nd last line...1/6 (2x-5)^(3/2)+5/2 sqrt(2x-5)
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    UNSW textbooks

    1151 and 1251 aren't that hard but they're really tedious esp. 1251.
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    UNSW textbooks

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    UNSW textbooks

    Still selling ACTL1001 Textbook for any prospective actuarial students.
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    EXT1 Maths Revision Thread

    S x/sqrt(2x-5) dx =0.5 S (2x-5+5)/sqrt(2x-5) dx =0.5 S sqrt(2x-5) dx +5/2 S (2x-5)^(-1/2) dx =0.5 S sqrt(u) du+2.5 S u^(-1/2) du = u^(3/2)/6+(5 sqrt(u))/2+C = 1/6 (2x-5)^(3/2)+5/2 sqrt(2x-5)+C = 1/3 (2x-5)sqrt(2x-5)+C