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  1. jazzmuzik

    Law movies

    hardly realistic but still a good "law" related movie... Primal Fear Edward Norton is unreal.
  2. jazzmuzik

    Movie Quote Game

    Answer: Se7en "It's the sense of touch. In any real city, you walk, you know? You brush past people, people bump into you. In LA, nobody touches you. We're always behind this metal and glass. I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something"...
  3. jazzmuzik

    Favorite fictional character

    Forrest...Forrest Gump
  4. jazzmuzik

    Heath Ledger Dies of Overdose in New York

    :( !! It's tragic, Heath was my favourite male actor despite his arrogant reputation in the public eye. Awww! it's very sad... such a self made career too. Great Aussie star
  5. jazzmuzik

    The Blackberry

    yeah your right... sounds like another pretentious must have...
  6. jazzmuzik

    The Blackberry

    Just wondering what's the appeal of the infamous blackberry?... it's a... mobile phone? internet? MP3? Organiser? all in one? Anyone have one? I'm just interested to know what their all about... how much are they?
  7. jazzmuzik

    What are you currently Reading?

    The Road by Cormack Mcarthy
  8. jazzmuzik

    Favourite Aussie Actors / Actresses.

    Abbie Cornish: utterly wonderful (!!) Heath: is my pin up Geoffrey Rush: amazing Sam Worthington: a new favourite Brendan Cowell: I'd like to see more... but Beautiful Mind is one of my all time favourite films
  9. jazzmuzik

    Best guys perfume

    Yes yes yes!
  10. jazzmuzik

    Cool Part Time Jobs

    i had a job at cheese factory.. not cool but perhaps unusual. Yes, i got paid to "cut the cheese". I also tutored trumpet babysat worked in a chemist
  11. jazzmuzik

    Best guys perfume

    i've been working in the local chemist daily "testing" the male cologne... the verdict David Beckam, "so hot right now" theres the original and the DB intimate. My pick is the original and for an all round old winner Hugo Boss : boss (in fact anything from hugo boss)
  12. jazzmuzik

    Good Aussie movies

    Somersault Peaches
  13. jazzmuzik

    Writing in assessments

    i know this sounds obsessive but i found it works... if you tape (with electrical tape) a stone or rubber or weighty object onto your pen when your writing practice essays. if you do practice essays up to speed you will find your writing will get faster and more legible once you take it off...
  14. jazzmuzik

    nightmare music teacher

    find a new teacher, the guy sounds like a prick. you'll end up hating the lessons, and then end up hate playing.. there are plenty of genuine music teachers who are there fore the music not the money like this guy. good luck
  15. jazzmuzik

    2007 Top 200 School Rankings Daily Telegraph

    Yay Go no.82! with our grade of about 25 ppl! woo hoo
  16. jazzmuzik

    HSC 2007 Officially over!

    Congratulations to all 07's! Smartest Year Ever!!! That's it, after a whole year of stressing, exams, essays, texts, thousands of threads.. its over! Well done to everyone just for completing it, regardless of marks and UAI's :) Good luck to 2008... *hands over metaphoric baton*
  17. jazzmuzik

    Post Your UAI's Here

    i got 93.9 :) pretty pleased
  18. jazzmuzik

    Going to Melb Uni

    I just got into NIDA!!!!! :) so guess change of plan.. i'm off to Sydney
  19. jazzmuzik

    I Got Into Nida!!!!!!

    thanks all :)
  20. jazzmuzik

    I Got Into Nida!!!!!!

    I got a call, i'm in Nida for Design, my interview was yesterday so stoked!. I'm first year out of highschool so dispelling that myth, it is hard but yeah not impossible! :)