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    Usyd Summer School

    A super late response to this but if you want to accelerate your degree's completion then DO the summer school. This is the only way to accelerate completion while studying at USYD (there are a few other ways but they do not involve studying at USYD or requiring special permission).
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    WARNING to all students look for tutors. Most are greeedy, too expensive.

    This is actually a considerably accurate reflection of the tutoring craziness...
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    Peak Tutoring

    Is this the same Peak?
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    How do second and third round offers work?

    Is this UNSW or USYD? UNSW and USYD don't tend to give 2nd or 3rd round offers for those listed subjects except maybe a few places for law.
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    Satay chicken...... the last hoorah

    I see why you got full marks on your Belonging creative piece.
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    Prepping for B Arts

    You should do nothing but relax. It's arts. This means essays. This means for good grades you only need research and a well-written piece on your allocated question. Enjoy your holidays!
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    What car will you get as your first car?

    What do you guys think of the Audis? IMO the A7 is wayyy nicer (design wise) than similar priced BMWs and MBs.
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    what is overloading? does that mean I can do my B.comm in 2 years at ANU?

    or if uwant the benefits of having the finish half a year degrees
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    BOS University Guide: A Complete Guide to 1st Year Uni [A Work In Progress]

    Re: The Idiot's Guide to University (FAQ) Just wanna add to original post: Lectures are shit. I highly recommend not to go if you can't concentrate on a droning voice that teaches you nothing that you can't read in the textbook. I reccomend going if you want to make friends though. Tuts u...
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    what is a good combination among these commerce majors?

    Re: do UNSW commerce people look down on Macq commerce people (honestly)?? Now that I've got some "uni experience" I gotta say that Macq commerce is inferior to USYD and UNSW when looking for good jobs involving the business majors. I've went to many firms in the areas of accounting, finance...
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    CADETSHIPS 2012 Discussion Thread

    Is it easy to transfer between the Big 4? I found out PWC has consulting and I want to do that instead of accounting :(
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    CADETSHIPS 2012 Discussion Thread

    haha. Can't find a pic on google?
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    CADETSHIPS 2012 Discussion Thread

    Not. bah i don't care. I just doubt your validity now... but congratulations anyway (even if its made up lol).
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    CADETSHIPS 2012 Discussion Thread

    I don't think we were at the same place then... Because I talked to or saw all the guys?!?
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    CADETSHIPS 2012 Discussion Thread

    There was no other guy doing Assurance (Financial services) besides those two who weren't in uni... Unless you were the massively obese kid.
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    CADETSHIPS 2012 Discussion Thread

    lol!!! you beat all the uni guys haha. You're not that Melbourne or Baulkham guy are you...
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    CADETSHIPS 2012 Discussion Thread

    o_O So quickly contacted! Argh! Now I know I failed :(
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    CADETSHIPS 2012 Discussion Thread

    I think I may know who you are... Are you in high school or uni? haha depending on which, congratulations! you beat the other guy who applied for that!
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    CADETSHIPS 2012 Discussion Thread

    Well the only reason I'm saying this is because I heard from someone else who applied for Advisory that there is only one spot available for Advisory (they were told this). So if there's a number cap on advisory, maybe there's a number cap on Assurance as well? If this is the case, I find it...
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    CADETSHIPS 2012 Discussion Thread

    :( damn I must have failed Which line did you apply for? If you don't mind, are you boy or girl?