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  1. LouiseFaz

    3U mathematics?

    just letting you know for the future. those two topics are the easiest things you do in extension 1, so nail them now so you dont have to worry about them later.
  2. LouiseFaz

    hope you enjoyed your holidays :) have you done much work? i seriously havent picked up a pen...

    hope you enjoyed your holidays :) have you done much work? i seriously havent picked up a pen all holidays, until today. I go back Friday !!
  3. LouiseFaz

    Who here bludged throughout their entire holidays?

    i havent picked up a pen until today.. im doing a complete physics guide using the syllabus dotpoints but im so screwed
  4. LouiseFaz

    Is it me or are girls just stupid?

    goodluck ever getting a girlfriend mate
  5. LouiseFaz

    5 Things You Like (And Dislike) About Your School!

    LIKE: 1 Newest technology, 30 flat screen computers in 2/3 of the classrooms, both windows and mac, every room has a screen and projector 2 The teachers, i love them and im so happy with my year 12 teachers this year - close relationships 3 5 minute walk to the beach and 10 minute walk to school...
  6. LouiseFaz

    Do you actually enjoy the subjects you do?

    i really enjoy my subjects and i have awesome teachers who will help me endlessly. I only picked extension maths and physics though because i want to do engineering when i finish but i love them and i love the challenge. im not too bad at english but i hate it, i could probly write an hour...
  7. LouiseFaz

    Should the basic HSC English courses be changed?

    I personally don't do ext. english only advanced but my good friends tell me its bludgy and they dont do half as much work in extension as they do in adv. same teacher and everything. i have more of a maths mind, and will probly be able to prepare a half hour speech on Why english is crap...
  8. LouiseFaz

    Metal And Engineering Notes: AWOL

    Hey, this is a really late reply but did you end up posting those notes... our teacher doesnt give us much.
  9. LouiseFaz

    Pendulum experiment

    thats the idea of it, the fact that you can rearrange the formulae into the form y=mx + b and get the gradient from your line of best fit in your graph. if you got 11. something it could just be experimental errors which you could discuss in your discussion. I'm not sure if this helps if you...