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  1. sharp_pencil


    Uhh dude.. Then the aluminium around the iron nail corrodes and the nail falls of neway ROFL u had to say that they should use other means of attaching the guttering like plastic shit, glue, intert crap i dunno i wrote stuff tho. (read this in CSSA paper answer or NEAP asnswer can't remember)...
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    U can have a silver Anode which oxidizes and enters the solution so i hope i'll get away with it instead of using an intert anode :D
  3. sharp_pencil

    Polymer Question - PVC

    Dude plastic bottles are LDPE..... :| but i guess they'll accept HDPE mayybeee
  4. sharp_pencil

    Galvanic Cell

    AnOx Pb is being oxadised thefore the anode RedCat Fe3+ is being reduced to Fe2+ thefore the cathode is the platnium wire.
  5. sharp_pencil

    Galvanic Cell

    FUCCCKCKCKKKKK i did the whole thing right except in calculation i went 0.77-0.13 I FUCKING FORGOT TO SWAP SIGN IM RAGING!!!!
  6. sharp_pencil

    how was it

    the overall test was sweeet jsut the equilibrium graph thingy was quite tough maybe 4/6 in that one :|
  7. sharp_pencil

    Equiliberium and Concentration question

    The one about the Cl2 gas and the CO was pretty hard :\ i talked about how produts were being removed. Pressure, temp shifting equilibrium. and how it starts off a a state of equilibrium and is disturbed then shifts bla bla it was all over the place..... im hoping for 4/6.. Other questions...
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    Multiple choice

    In my text book it says PH adjustment happens before flocc by adding lime but im pretty sure PH adjustment is a post treatment so im fucked.
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    Multiple choice

    1) C 2) C 3) D 4) C 5) A (Unsure) 6) D (i know its nonpolar but not sure about the other half d seems more right but it said hydrocarbons so its prolly C but i went D cuz of that experiment) 7) B 8) A 9) B Or a but B seems more right since its gone from -6 to +3 and 3 is higher so :\ 10) B 11) B...
  10. sharp_pencil

    good idea for xtra marks

    BAHAHAHAHA dumbest idea EVER! so ur telling me spent extra time copying out all ur answers for Q6 instead of attempting Q7.. and they do have barcodes and are labeled Q1-10.. ur not gonna get any extra marks they don't have monkeys marking the papers their university educated adults.
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    Who has a redbull before exams??

    No way. You have 2 lines and you'll finish the exam in 2hrs.. it actually does work..
  12. sharp_pencil

    Who knew..?

    Who knew doing nothing could be so destructive.. :(
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    How to do the Radium Question (i hope im right)

    a) Propose A=10 5=10e^-1600k 0.5=e^-1600k -1600k= ln 0.5 k= ln0.5/-1600 b) For safe level q = 1 a =3 (since its 3X Q being the safe level) 1=3e^(ln0.5/-1600)t 1/3 = e^(ln0.5/-1600)t (ln0.5/-1600)t=ln 1/3 t= (ln 1/3) / (ln0.5/-1600) which = 2535.94 yrs = 2536years if im wrong please...
  14. sharp_pencil

    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    CORRECT that is how u do it :) and yes for the Simpsons its was 50/3 :D i'll prolly get 80/120 :\
  15. sharp_pencil

    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    uhhh noooooo 2006,2007,2008 i cld get 90% raw mark in this one im hoping for like 65%..
  16. sharp_pencil

    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    no its not. N is the number of sub intervals if there is 6 sub intervals there is 7 function values... h= b-a/n and n was 6 sorry man u lost 1 mark :\ but thye carry errors so prolly 2/3
  17. sharp_pencil

    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    Unlubricated anal sex :'( I used my tears as lubricant during that exam. it was FUCKING HARD!!! compared to other years exams i lost 45marks just like that. Going straight to UWS FFS hopefully i can transfer..
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    Agrippina the Younger

    Did anyone manage to write about how she could fit an entire cow in her vagina?
  19. sharp_pencil

    New paper layout becareful!!!

    Yeh u ask for more... ? u just write cont.. and get new booklet number the question and walla. I needed 2 extra papers for my IPT so i just did as the examiners told me :\
  20. sharp_pencil

    What did you write for the GPS question?

    I talked about Aeroplanes. Like monitor altitude, speed, location, possible collisions ie mountain (lol) or other aeroplanes.. basically i talked shit.