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    media articles for Human Rights?

    Would i need to compile media articles for Human rights or just legislation and cases seeing as its only short answers?
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    ' achieving justice'

    With essay questions that along those ^ lines such as "Assess the use of defences to criminal charges in achieving justice" what would i need to talk about? would i need to use the effectiveness criteria? or is there some sort of assessing justice criteria?
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    Developing Recognition of Human Rights

    So referring to the syllabus, what do i need to actually know in regards to the points under the developing recognition of humans i.e. abolition of slavery, trade unionism and labour rights , etc.
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    Preliminary Content

    Does the HSC SDD exam also contain questions relating to the preliminary content? like the CPU-fetch cycle which i dont see in the yr 12 content of the syllabus
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    Can't Access Resources Page

    alright its working now, and i have completely no idea how. But its working so thanks anyways :)
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    Can't Access Resources Page

    nup, doesn't work on chrome, IE, or firefox :(
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    Can't Access Resources Page

    ^ Title. Every time i try, it just says "this webpage is not available"
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    Parametrics Question

    In relation to Parametric Representation, do we need to know the parameterisation of a circle and a hyperbola? or just the parabola ie x = rcos(theta) y = rsin(theta) and x = t y = 1/t