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    Entertainment Industry

    hey guys, just staring an entertainment thread if anyone has any good notes, plz link them here cos i have a folder about 10cm thick of notes and i cbf going through them all.
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    Can Entertainment be picked up in year 12?

    yes you can. i did. dropped business studies and physics in year 12 and pick up entertainment. although you will nees to do like 80 hours work experience and do 240 hours instead of 120. i just made up for it in study periods that i had free cos i have to your tvet teacher and ask...
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    how many orm's for paper 2?

    ok i know theres essentially 3 essays we have to write i dont know how many orm's we need for each and im not going to remember 3 key texts plus another 2 for each question and points and language devices and quotes for each one :( is there a rule like question 1 has 2 other texts needed an Q2...
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    General Thoughts: IPT

    ok the question about the airline e-ticket SERIOUSLY WTF no departure location? and it was just a crap form. questions were ok though also wtf is with all the collecting, organizing, analysing, etc crap? it was in everything and the multmedia one, the first 3 question worth 6marks all up our of...
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    HELP same orm for paper 1 and 2?

    can i use the same text in section 3 of paper one (belonging) and the text and society module in paper 2???? please help
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    Structure of 2009 HSC English exam

    your entire mark is made up of 100% 50% is from your schools internal exams and 50% is mad up of your hsc exam pretty much paper 1 is worth 20% of your whole hsc mark paper 2 is made up of 30% of your entire hsc mark dont know why they said it was worth 10% and 15% anyways good luck aye...
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    doctrine analysis: which religion is more batshit loony?Islam, Christianity, Judaism?

    Re: doctrine analysis: which religion is more batshit loony?Islam, Christianity, Juda ok lets take the religion from what it is, not its people. eg, christians can be completly weird and retarded, or just touch little boys... but thats the human side, not the religious side. you cant judge a...
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    Stem Cell Research

    im not for it. i dont think humans were every given the right to create life or alter it in any way. the world was vreated perfect and weve already stuff it up big time. now you want to alter human dna to create life? were not god, he have no idea what were doing. its good in theorie but the...
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    Fail hsc is maths below 50%???? help

    so i defo still get my higher school certificate? You sure?
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    Fail hsc is maths below 50%???? help

    ok, my maths mark atm is 43%. i have regretted 2 unit maths since day 1. anyways... if i get like 40% for my actual hsc exam, and when its combined with my assesment marks and its below 50% do i fail maths?. does that mean i dont get a HSC??? or just a crap uai??? plz help
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    magazine article? what to do? HELP!!!

    i need to write a magazine atricle for my assignment. it reads: Write a magazine article for nest year's HSC students in which you asses how your prescribed text, The Castle, and TWO other textx highlight the issues confronting people in the global village. Remember, you are writing a magazine...
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    09er's - Performance Survey

    im a guitarist my influences are muse and tom morello, well their the main ones im doing a muse song, (only for some variation) "Cissy Strut" check it out on youtube it is a great jazz piece which is easy and really features the guitar also im doing daedalus by thrice, another more airy rock...
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    What makes a good teacher...

    oh i can tell you what makes a bad teacher biasd to the "classically trained" students in the class, ie passing them with nearly full marks and failing everyone else becuase were not as good as them. seriously wtf. i am soooooo going to get 90% of my class to go to the principal and have an...
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    Anyone elses Maths (Adv.) trial really really effing hard? haha

    lol i epic failed 27% maths is gay, why the hell did i choose advanced maths *facepalms* maths will bring my ui down from mid 80's to mid 50's the board of studies better watch out, next year, theres going to be a psyco maniac on the loose with a knife...
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    Trial HSC results?

    maths: 27% epic fail, what a ghey and pointless subject english: 65%, im happy with that, again another pointless subject music: 14/30 for aural, our teacher is biased toward the only female in the class, who is also the only other person that does classical music IPT: 61%, thats pretty good...
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    Are you over games?

    lol, im a bit scared of uncle, hates the gun laws and wants to shoot everyone, and has the nazi symbol as a sig.... anyways, games are there for enjoyment and to explore other worlds instead of your sometimes boring life. I agree wow is for teh ghey but other mmo's are good, fps's show ur...
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    how will maths affect my uai?

    ok honestly i really dont care about my uai or atar, i just want to get my schooc certificate and gtfo of school im doing: engligh - average 70% IPT - good 80% - 90% music - ok 70% tvet entertainment industry - very good 80% - 90% maths - crap like 25% lol i hate maths and dont want to study...
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    Anybo else singing a Muse Song or any contemporary song for that matter

    im going to do knights of cydonia for my hsc i am going to actually do it PROPERLY with a floyd rose and actual good effects and with my friends who are the best musicians you will ever meet. the drummer is also making up a synth backing track. im going to record out yearly music night and post...