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    comparison of young and adult offenders

    hiya i have to do an essay on the difference between young and adult offenders, just wondering if anyone could give me some points to talk about, ive got different penalties so far and stuff to do with the childrens court and doli incapax. thanks in advance
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    Atar estimate please?

    Adv Eng - 1/19 ext 1 eng - 1/5 ext 2 eng - 4/4 - :/ adv math - 2/2 legal - 1/15 ancient - 1/11 and my school rank is real crappy: 403
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    Help! Undecided!!

    2nd in maths 2nd adv eng 2nd ext 2 eng 3rd ext 1 eng 1st ancient 1st legal 3rd cafs.
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    Help! Undecided!!

    hi just wondering if its too risky to drop cafs with these subjects: adv eng ext 1 eng ext 2 eng adv maths legal ancient history and cafs. ill go down from 12 - 10 units, but i hate the subject so much i just dont no whether its safer to keep it or not????
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    Link to Adv Eng and Ext 1

    hi, so apparently the major work has to have a clear link to the adv and ext 1 course, but im just unsure as to whether its meant to link to the prelim or hsc course because i got one sheet that says prelim and another that doesnt say anything... thanks!
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    ATAR Estimate please

    does this count for english ext 1 and 2 aswell??
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    Roll Call: Class of 2015

    hey ya'll im doing Adv eng Ext 1 Eng Ext 2 Eng 2U Maths Legal Studies Ancient History Community and Family Studies im hoping to get a 96+ atar to get a scholarship for uni to do a double degree of bachelor of criminology and criminal justice/ bachelor of laws and then hopefully...
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    okay, thank god... thanks :D
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    to drop or not?

    what is a good mark for 2U maths? im averaging at about 75% right now and i dont know if that is good enough to stay in 2U or drop down to general... my other subjects are Advanced English Extension 1 English Extension 2 English Legal Studies Ancient History Community and Family Studies
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    so i do legal studies and my class has about 20 people in it and im ranked 1st and ive gotten 90's on all the tests we've done but the mark closest to mine was 60% so my question is, will i get scaled down because the rest of the class is doing poorly or will i not get penalised because theres...