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    Management in tourism at UTS

    was thinking of doing it, but yeah I agree with the other people it isnt really blooming at the moment. Who knows how long before it can recovere or boom again.
  2. J

    Uni Work

    Very nice pay.:D
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    New look for the new year

    No i didnt apply there, because I am still looking around for a job which would allow me to co exist with my uni stuff and other stuff. I am half tempted to work as a secuirty guard and just stand there and do nothing and just thinking what life is all about:D
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    Uni Work

    but isnt those jobs more targeted at those students from second year and up? Becasue I seem some ads that says that they want uni students from year 2 or higher.
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    New look for the new year

    thanks for your help. Anyways, just would like to say here that jobs are now spreading out now and perhaps its a good time to start searching. Some sites I would recommend is which has tons of stuff in different areas in aust. also, another site may be (isnt out yet)...
  6. J


    I have to agree on u that if we were to predict it it may go higher due to other uni's marks going up with science. But I cannot really see te marks going up to the level in which it is the smae as the other unis. But I guess only time will tell until we get those offears.
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    How did you choose your UNI course?

    u would have to consider it in all angles. But for me it was becasue of an interst that I had in which I could see myslef still enjoying it like 30 years down the track. I do admit that the payment is good too, but its not high up in my deisre to do the course. Even if it paid only like $22 000...
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    moving out

    Maybe in my second year, but just need to have things in order before I move out. Firslty, it would have to be a job which I can do so that it can work with the uni timetable and commitment, saving money so I can pay the rent and not get kicked out one night, finding a good location and fourly...
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    Open Day for uni

    Hello all I am sure that most people have gone to the oepn days fo the uni on the 3rd this week, and I was wondering which uni people found the best in regards to service, help and gernal overall format of the day. Personally I found the mac and syd to be really bad in that unlike UTS they...
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    For UTS from talking to a bloke named Rod who approves all the transfers and stuff, it will be hard in that its not an inte transfer, but its not impossible, is there by any chance u can do another course instead for a year? If there is in the same uni I would take that, than going to another uni.
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    Orientation Week

    Bottom line, its going to be cool:)
  12. J

    Jobs are abit harder to get now

    but security guards always seem to get jobs, so u may do a course for a week to get license.
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    New look for the new year

    Also, somewhere in the uni forum, there is a number if u wanna work in the stauidms, but it isnt a real solid job where u know how much u will get each week. But its $20 an hour for 18 year old people.
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    New look for the new year

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    Jobs are abit harder to get now

    Hello all, I am not saying its impossible, but while in my search for a new job that had a full time postion and not a casual until uni start, I found out that jobs are really limited, by no means am I saying its impossbile, but sales I guess are down now compared to the peak periods, even...
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    iz it possible????

    I wouldnt say its impossible, but just a little more diffuclt, but doing 4 unit maths takes alot of time also, so it adds up at the end, so just do your best.
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    U can easier do it by sharing with someone, but if u want to do it by stying by yourselve and stuff, it nearly impossible.
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    Nooby tutors - your thoughts

    But have to admit I didnt sort of liked it when we went 6 hours without a break though.:p Just kidding, I really appeciate his teaching and grateful for his help, because before year 12 I was consdiered a no hoper by some teachers and they turned their backs to me.:(
  19. J

    What uni you off to?

    I am either off to UNSW, Syd or UTS. So many choices, makes life intersting:D Maybe the oepn days in early Jan will help me decide, and also the offears received from UAC.
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    Nooby tutors - your thoughts

    I had a kick ass tutor in that he stayed over some nights to really make sure I understood it.