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    Investment Banking Internships 2008

    True. It doesn't make the choice to go there any less valid though. I like that Macquarie takes more people simply for the fact that there's going to be more interns and young people around. Hey, it's the only offer I got, but since I'm not penultimate, I can wait until next year to fight it...
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    What's your advice

    I'm not sure about the Retail/Institutional banks, but for Investment Banking, they're generally looking for honours or double-degree students. Yes, work-experience is important, but if you don't have the benchmark grades, you're not going to even get a first-round interview, unless you have...
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    Investment Banking Internships 2008

    leoyh, it's fantastic that you're interested in IB, but you really do sound like you're just parroting what you've heard from other people about Banks and Mac. Yes, Mac isn't as big globally as some of the Wall Street or Swiss Banks, but how are you qualifying that the others are necessarily...
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    Investment Banking Internships 2008

    Property, and you?
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    Big 4 Accounting Firms Internships 2008

    KPMG are running assessment centres starting from mid-August, and will keep running them every week until they fill all positions. That's why they don't have a closing date. Get in as early as possible with your application for the best shot at it.
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    Macq Bank Interviews

    I had my final-round with MacCap Advisors last Tuesday and got my offer on Wednesday. Questions they asked: - Resume based: experiences, difficulties, work and uni society experiences, etc - Why IB? Why I chose my degree - What deal/financial news had I been following or found...
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    BoS USyders 2006! (Roll Call)

    Bachelor of Commerce/Law
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    What HSC marks did you get?

    Board Developed Courses 2 Chemistry 95/100 95/100 95 6 info 2 English (Advanced) 94/100 94/100 94 6 info 1 English Extension 1 47/50 48/50 48 E4 info 2 Mathematics Extension 1 97/100 97/100 97 E4 info 2 Mathematics Extension 2...
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    Distinction Courses

    I did philosophy this year, and there are around 50 of us in Philosophy, much less in Cosmology and only a few in Comparative Literature. I was "the girl who didn't accelerate", but that's not entirely true either. I accelerated in 4u maths and 4u English at my old school, but because I...
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    Nelsons Bay

    Big group of us (around 40 altogether in houses) going up from 12th-17th
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    The "OMG I've Finished the HSC" thread

    FINISHED. AAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhh Goodbye symbolism Goodbye conics Goodbye binomials Goodbye Le Chatelier and his principle Goodbye Einstein and Lenz and Faraday and Newton. WOOO-fucking-HOOOOO
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    WHO left early?!

    I think at most a few people went to the toilet. In the trials, in the last 1 hour or so practically the whole grade got up at one point or another just to take a break because we were allowed to leave. Today I was only aware of a few people getting up (But I guess I wasn't really counting)
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    calcium carbonate q

    I haven't checked! I didn't bring my exam paper out with me (I keep leaving it on my desk) but I hope I did alright with it. I bet you did well. Just one more to go. Physics and then woooooo
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    Industrial Chemistry Equilibrium question

    14.79 (wel 14.8 basically), same method as Xenocide. It's the last value in my calculator and still shows up when I press "Ans" =P
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    Anyone else miss the last page of Industrial Chem?

    I almost missed it as well, because the question on the bottom of the first page was the 7-marker (I think?) so I assumed it was the last one, but then it seemed a bit short, so I glanced at the next page.
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    Teacher bias

    Aside from the small problem of having no paper submitted under their own number.
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    The "OMG I've Finished the HSC" thread

    Why are you still here? Go out! Celebrate! While the rest of us still slave away =P
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    Who's looking for a job Post-HSC

    I just got a job, and I start one day after I finish HSC. They wanted me the night I finished, but "Hello!!! How about no." Can't wait to start though, should be fun.
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    The Haber Process Question

    I thought the question was something like: (Actually I don't know at all because I misread the question completely so I can't remember, but from what I've heard since it seems as though..) The total volume of the chamber was decreased, causing an increase in pressure. The increase in...