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    Japanese Continuers

    Re: Japanese Continuers ... ridiculous.. Where's Fonzie when you need him? :p
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    Japanese Continuers

    Re: Japanese Continuers ... ridiculous.. Oh please, if anyone's scaling people up, it's you guys scaling me up! I still loved the multiple stifled laughs at the cosplay question. That was pretty funny. I actually found that exam to not be too bad, considering my track record for Japanese...
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    The " I Did It " Thread

    Correct, but the Trial Drama exam counts for 20%. So in the scheme of things, there's only 20% left. Hence 80% is done.
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    The " I Did It " Thread

    Well, with us, after the performance (GP or IP) they asked us to get our logbook(s), then sat us down and asked us questions. When they were done, they asked us to give them our logbook(s), and then we had to leave. They then spent 10 minutes marking. The logbook is mostly just to make sure you...
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    When are the judges for performance coming to your school?

    Welcome to my world. I hate curtain-jerking, but I don't really have a choice. Although it is good to get it over with and not have hours to stress and get nervous and stuff.
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    Zomg Hsc Perofrmance Is

    Is it possibly the same day as mine? Oh wait.
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    Rank your subjects

    Most to least enjoyable: 1) Drama 2) Japanese 3) Chemistry 4) Maths 5) English Strongest to weakest: 1) Drama 2) Japanese 3) Maths 4) Chemistry 5) English I was going to tie everything but Drama at second for strongest to weakest because I couldn't remember my ranks and marks, but I...
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    Life After The Final Exam

    You're not alone there pal. What am I going to do? Immediately after the last exam, I'm not sure. I'll see how I'm feeling at the time. In the long term, I intend to get a job of some description for December + January, that would hopefully let me take a three week holiday in February. Save as...
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    What songs make you happy

    Wow. I don't see how Hello could make you happy, but oh well. Lessee...looking through my music collection... Belinda Carlisle - Summer Rain Big Dismal ft. Amy Lee - Missing You Delta Goodrem - Little Too Late Evanescence - Anywhere Eve 6 - Girlfriend Finger Eleven - One Thing Five for...
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    How is everyone going? Where are you up to?

    Actually, it was me who got sick, and judging by that response you've never played poker. He's basically saying that we've had a person leave the group (as Gilbert had happen) but we've ALSO had someone end up really sick (me) giving us no time between the holidays and the Trials to rehearse.
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    Homosexuality in Australia

    Wow, you are intolerant. I'd say that seeing homosexual characters in movies, on TV, in video games (where?) would be a result of it becoming more accepted. Change happens, deal with it. How are young kids being taught subconsciously that they might be a homosexual? I remember being taught in...
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    Help -Rounding up? or down??

    I see. Carry on.
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    Zomg Hsc Perofrmance Is

    Murphy's Law at its finest.
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    Help -Rounding up? or down??

    You would round up, not only for the reasons everyone else has said, but also because the first number after the decimal place is a 5. 0-4 you round down, 5-9 you round up. Or am I entirely wrong?
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    Misadventure/ illness Appeal

    I had bronchitis and tracheitis for two weeks (got sick on the last day of the holidays). No study time whatsoever, bedridden for the two weeks, and missed my Japanese trial speaking (which was meant to be first week back). So yeah, I think I'll be applying for this.
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    why is king lear a tragedy?

    Lear has two of his daughters turn on him and strip him of everything he held dear, and also ended up going insane before dying in the end. Cordelia, the true one of the three daughters, ends up getting royally screwed, getting none of her father's kingdom and her husband's forces get spanked in...
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    Paper 2 : MODULES, So? How'd you go?

    Lack of preparation time, general all-around weakness at English, inability to write quickly for extended periods of time lest my hand burst from writer's cramp. Need I go on?
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    Paper 2 : MODULES, So? How'd you go?

    Screw you Mr. English Hax. If we were allowed to type I would absolutely pwn, but since we have to write I suck. I died so badly today. I managed to get out 3 for BNW/BR, 3 for Frontline and 1 for Lear (ran out of time). Bleh. My prophecy is coming true. :(
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    Zomg Hsc Perofrmance Is

    Thankfully, I've heard for us the markers can come in after week 7, giving us a few weeks to fine tune our performances. Good luck to you guys who have it on August 21st. That's pretty shocking, being that close. Best of luck.
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    Speaking venues!

    A lottery would've been funny. NSBH at 9am. I need all the help I can get, so come on homefield advantage.