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    It was a very quick glimpse of the winner If you didn't already know the winner, it'd be very hard to spot :P
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    final exams tips n resources

    righteo.. thanks for the hint and guidelines guys :) hope alex didn't change too much... man, I can't wait till accg is over, worst subject ever
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    final exams tips n resources

    Did you past accgers have a "question which looks different but keep your cool?" (meant to be the impossible one, which looks very different to any routine question we've done) :(
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    Econ110 Long Answer Test

    It's all 4 topics, including MP unfortunately :( Well.. the lecturer just told us to study all 4 just in case, because apparently this contradicts a message posted in the forums I have the accg assignment to worry about... it's so long! (And boring..) :( EDIT: They changed it... NO MP :)
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    ACCG 100 midsem results

    man that test was a shocker! waaaayyy harder than econ! yep yep
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    predict my uai pls? at least try...

    in the local paper nevertheless, quite an achievement! Everyone was talking about it woot, go sefton :)
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    predict my uai pls? at least try...

    Hmm.. they actually did an article in the newspaper on S, and it showed he got 99.5, scholarship at usyd aerospace, and i've talked to him too! :p (hmm.. maybe my memory is fading, not too sure..) I also asked H a few weeks back and he didn't get 99.6 Being an all-rounder does not mean...
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    predict my uai pls? at least try...

    Hmm.. just to correct that, we didn't get 4 99.6's. I think we got two 99.6 :) (That was J and maybe L I heard.. unsure about another) Second/third was 99.5 (S) and H is doing Comm/law at Macq (98.95) Giant Lobster: I reckon you'll get around 99.8 No one had those ranks at our school...
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    Please help!!! i am doomed!

    why isn't that impressive? A 95 hsc mark? btw, i went to sefton! I think the teachers purposely mark extremely hard to encourage you to try harder in the exam And its the rank that counts, so even if you get say 60%, and coming 12/90, obviously.... you get my drift... cuz sefton teachers...
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    ACCG100 exam

    how did you guys find the Accg exam? I thought it was harder than econ.. :(
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    accg100 assign.

    yea, if i remember correctly, ex. 2.2, 2.4 and 3.4 need to be handed in for the final assignment the practice exercises need only to be shown to your tutor
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    commerce core units

    ooo :( hmm.. would it still be possible to complete my degree in 3 years? or would everything be pushed back by 2 subjects? Is QMA and QMB a prerequisite for second year subjects too?? thanks
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    Stats pretty interesting compared to econ :)
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    commerce core units

    Sorry about reviving an old topic :) What happens if your uni doesnt have an equivalent course to quantitative methods A and B?| (e.g. at macq) Does this mean if i transfer to unsw, i have to do it in second year?
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    econ tutes

    Uh o, when's it due? where do i find it?
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    I recommend: 1) naruto 2) prince of tennis 3) hikaru no go 4) Full metal alchemist (kinda gets a little freaky later) 5) Full metal panic fumoffu I've seen most of those anime asylum and hate nearly all of em :) (cept for a few-anything with mecha and space and all that weird stuff...
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    hrm, whats this about ACST101?

    "Career Opportunities for Actuaries The actuarial profession is a fast-growing one with opportunities opening up throughout Australia and the world. In Australia, the number of qualified actuaries as at September 2003 was 1,275. Typically, a newly qualified actuary would earn around...
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    hrm, whats this about ACST101?

    Actuaries can work in a number of firms (e.g. life insurance, superannuation, etc) and have good career prospects. The reason i chose it in the first place was on advising day, they had a survey with stats of past actuarial students, and whether they were employed, and it was 2001:13%...
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    hrm, whats this about ACST101?

    I think anyone thinking of doing actuarial studies should do A LOT of research about what the course is about, so there'll be no regrets on choosing another course (e.g. law, medicine, dentistry, accounting) Personally, I didn't like it much, and ended up changing degrees in the first week...
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    Alright.. thanks.. :( :( Oh wells