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    Geography Predictions/Thoughts

    my guesses: human impacts, country town or suburb, global changes
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    Crime essay predictions 2021????

    They asked young offenders in 2017 and it was done really well. Do you still think so? (Genuinely interested in case I gave a condescending tone)
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    Cold War Essay Predictions

    But since this was basically a question from the 2019 paper, do you think it would still come up?
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    Serious help!

    Not gonna lie, I've hardly studied for English. Probably gonna leave all of it till the night before lol.
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    How do I write quicker?

    Hi all, I'm struggling to write essays under 45 minutes. Sometimes I can't write a 3 body paragraph essay within the given time, let alone 4 bodies for other subjects. Any tips?
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    Is this part of our syllabus?

    Doesn't P(A) =1/4 or 5/4
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    Crime essay predictions 2021????

    International Crime or Law Reform in the CJS. Maybe even on compliance or legal and non-legal measures since it hasn't been asked.
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    Cold War Essay Predictions

    Hi all, what do you think might be this year's essays on the Cold War? Also, would two body paragraphs (approx. 600 words) be enough to get a band 5?
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    Legal Studies Notes Help

    Hi guys, should I be structuring my study notes for legal studies based on the syllabus dot points or the themes and challenges. Any response will be appreciated.