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    Section 1: Multiple Choice

    question 17 afta readin all the comments this is the only question thats still a lil dodgy, im hopin its b on the count thats wat i put, 'before seeking a legally-binding decision' got me, deffinately not C, but D presents a very strong case as taking the employer to anti-discrimination...
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    Mulitple choice answers

    hmm (Macquarie Revision Guide PDHPE) "the government increased the Medicare levy payable for high income earners who were not privately insured" yeh u could b rite wat answer did u get?
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    Mulitple choice answers

    correct answers from referin 2 ppls answers + their reasonin + referin 2 texbook 1d 2b 3c 4b 5a 6d 7d (sas so in textbook) 8b? (tricky 1 but my conclusion is if u reduce the uptake of tobacco use, u change the incidence of lung cancer in general, where as the others r specific...