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    Retail Services

    haha, i also put human, i really had no idea!
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    Retail Services

    I was confused about the bag check question too! I really didn't know what to write, so I just bullshitted a fair bit. I am probably completely off, but I wrote something about a level of trust between the retailer and customer...and that it's non-intrusive so more customers may be willing to...
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    Retail Services

    I found a few of the multiple choice a bit tricky, but overall it was alright...
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    Any predictions on Communication area?

    I'm predicting that it should mainly be on the brain. The brain hasn't been used since 2007, so thats what I am going off. However, we can't be 100% sure.
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    Can I drop Retail?

    I do retail as part of my HSC, and with that I have to do work placement and have a contract signed to my workplace. The problem is, I hate it and want to know whether I am able to drop the subject as I have 13 units and will be able to spend my time more productively on other subjects in which...